Armada, Universe, and Energon

With a name like Mini-cons, it has to be Good...

I have my reasons for putting these three series together in one section. :-)


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Double-Danged Spychangers
| Spychangers in Armada and Energon |


| Super-Mega-Mini-Con-Rampage!! | Sideways | Optimus Prime |

| Starscream / Thundercracker / Skywarp | Megatron / Galvatron |

| Ruination | Landfill | Unicron | Scourge / Bludgeon | Armada Beasts |

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...essentially, there are so many Mini-Con redecos, that (like the minibots section on the Autobot page) it made sense to combine them all into one section. Enjoy. :-) Note that this covers whole teams, interesting individual mold-changes on a particular team, as well as comparisons of Mini-Cons that, originally part of a team, now come partnered with other toys (See: Armada Beasts).

| Swindle vs Mirage | Race and Destruction Teams | Air and Land Teams |

| Street Action and Adventure Teams | Street Speed Team |

| Emergency and Sea Teams | Air Military Team | MIA Mini-Cons |

Swindle vs Mirage

OK, it's pathetic, but expected...the first variant out of the gate is a Mini-Con one (expect many more of them). Specifically, Swindle (Starscream's partner) versus Mirage. There was so much changed between the two, that it can barely be called a variation. *Every* dimension, size, color, and tolerance are different between the two. Heck, they barely transform the same. But...a variant is a variant is a variant. So here. :-)

Swindle vs Mirage (Robot) Vehicle Mode

...I think I've made my point. :-) But in-case I haven't, Swindle is recolored into Zapmaster when Starscream is recolored into Thundercracker. Mirage is recolored when his whole Skyboom Shield team gets upgraded (more on that below).

Air Defense Team

The Star Sabre. ;-) Recolored from good...well, to bad, I guess you could say. :-) Same thing happened with the Land Military Team...I guess this new version must be the artic camo-version. :-) Hehe.

Good vs Bad Air Defense | LM vs Recolored LM

(Note: The Star Sabre figures were remolded and recolored into the Energon Sabre Team for the Energon series.)
(See Also: List one, Micron Legends limited recolors.)

Race Team and Destruction Team
In the words of Lewis: "Armada Variants! I have found variations on all three members of the Race Team and Destruction Team:"

Mirage - Face Light Red or Dark Red
Dirt Boss - Light Yellow or Dark Yellow
Downshift - Light Blue or Dark Blue

Dualor - Light Blue / Yellow or Dark Blue / Yellow (Extends to the paint on the treads.)
Drill Bit - Light Yellow / Less Paint or Dark Yellow / More Paint on Drill
Buzzsaw - Dark Yellow / Green or Light Yellow / Green

In addition to the changes mentioned above, these two teams were recolored and re-released/renamed toward the end of the series. What I find interesting about the recolor Skyboom, in particular, is the slight remolding that took place between the versions. You will notice the tab has been slimmed down, and that the head is now notched. Very slight adjustments:

Race Old vs Assault New | Destruction Old vs New | Downshift Tabs | Mirage Heads

Street Action Team

A recent-change; the original team's mold ran for quite some time. In wave 5 or thereabouts, you will notice the new version (especially when you try to combine them to form Perceptor). They flipped around the connector on the back of the moped's legs, and added a second plastic runner to the skateboard. This, apparently, was supposed to be some kind of improvement over the original. I notice no real difference between the two in terms of play value. Oh well. :-)

Moped | Skateboard

(Note: The Street Action team saw a third version; recolored and repackaged with Sunstorm (himself a recolored Thrust) in the Energon series.)

Perceptor vs Himself

Street Speed and Adventure Teams

The short version is that these team members were recolored, renamed, and individually assigned as partners to remolded Armada beasts figures:

Airrazor and Predacon Mini-Cons vs Street Speed Team

Cheetor and Rhinox Mini-Cons vs Adventure Team

Emergency and Sea Teams

Barely past the initial-release, they got...a recolored release. ;-) Interesting to note on the Emergency team is that Prowl is now colored like a vintage Smokescreen (even down to the #38 on the hood) while Firebot is the same color as Protectabot Leader Hotspot. The emergency team saw a further recolor; members were scattered amongst 3 different sets of universe toys (and mixed with members of the Air Military Team):

The Teams | Emergency and Recolors | Sea and Recolors

Universe Incarnations | Who They Came With

Air Military Team

Originally in a 3-pk in Armada, the Air Military team was recolored not once, but *twice* in the Universe line (yeesh). The first time, they were included in Universe with Ramjet (a repaint of Skywarp's molding). It's a slight recolor; unless you have two sets to compare side by side, you might miss it! Thunderwing and Gunbarrel's plastic colors got darker (though the paintapps stayed the same). Terradive's color was changed the most, from blue and grey to purple and yellow. The second time around saw a much more radical recolor; in addition, members of the team were scattered between other Universe sets, and mixed in with Emergency Team members. Sigh.

Air Military Team, Armada vs Universe 1 | Air Military, Universe 2

Who They Came With In Universe

MIA Mini-Cons

These particular recolors (of the adventure team and space team) were pictured already in their final packaged form, yet they never saw mass-release. What happened to them?

Missing in Action


What an interesting change: initial-release had the grey Mini-Con with orange kneecaps. Subsequent-releases had purple kneecaps:

Good vs Bad Kneecaps

The first version (orange) has Crosswise revealing the Autobot symbol and Rook revealing the Decepticon symbol. The second version (purple) has this reversed.

(Note: This figure was recolored into Rapid Run for the Energon series.)

Optimus Prime

Both Supercon and Battlepants versions are discussed here. (See Also: Package Variants)

Battle Pants Prime: This fellow comes in two versions (identifiable by the pack-change, interestingly enough): version one has, among other things, tabstops that keep the combined mode from raising his arms at the shoulder (they only bend at the elbow). The revised version has arms that will swivel an additional 90 degrees at the shoulder joint (the original long tabs were removed, and replaced with short tabs that support the head without getting in the way...see pic). It is also said that the trailer unit holds together more tightly, and that the arm-mounted smokestacks stay in a bit tighter.

In addition to the changes outlined in the original mold, there is a later recolor of Prime, fan-named 'final-battle' Prime (he's actually called Powerlinx Prime). In addition to his garish color-scheme, the Mini-Con partner gets remolded, and chromed (now called Corona Sparkplug).

Primepants, V1 vs V2 | Armada Prime (Boxed) | Armada Prime (Original vs Recolor) | Mini-Cons

And if that weren't enough, BattlePants Prime gets yet *another* release, this time as a Kmart-exclusive giftset (packed with Jetfire, the Adventure Team, Longarm-from Red Alert- and of course Commetor and Sparkplug). This time, Prime sports gold instead of red or black on his main cab. Although the package says they are the powerlinx versions of the toys, they are in-fact the regular versions of all of them. Heck, there's even an argument on what this giftset is the K-Mart computers, it is referred to as the Battle for the Matrix Giftset. Kinda obnoxious, eh? I do take note of the fact that the Jetfire in this set, for allintents and purposes, is identical to the regular-release of the toy.

JetPrime Giftset | With Other Boxed Versions

Prime Cabs, Versions 1 and 4 | Jetfire Differences

So, to wrap up:

Type 1: Battlepants Prime, crappy non-moving shoulders.
Type 2: Battlepants Prime, better-articulated shoulders.
Type 3: Battlepants Prime, Powerlinx version w/Corona Sparkplug.
Type 4: Battlepants Convoy, JetPrime Giftset Gold Version Cab.

(Note: Battlepants Prime has a further release as a Costco Exclusive in the Energon line.)

Supercon Prime: A smaller-cab version than what was available with the boxed Battlepants version. Nicely done toy in terms of articulation. He also comes in several versions (and a bazillion different packages): silver lights, yellow lights, yellow lights with hood-symbol, and Black (Nemesis Prime). Note also that the original Over-Run came in two versions; light vs dark blue paint (between the first and last versions), while he was recolored and renamed Run Over for Nemesis Prime:

Supercon Prime, Versions 1 and 2 | Version 3 | Nemesis Prime (Black) | Over Run Wings

So, to wrap-up:

Version 1: Supercon Prime, silver lights.
Version 2: Supercon Prime, yellow lights.
Version 3: Supercon Prime, yellow lights and hood-symbol.
Version 4: Nemesis Prime, decepticon hood-symbol.

(Note: The Supercon Prime mold has a further release in the Universe line, as Ultra Magnus in the battle in a box sets.)

Starscream / Thundercracker / Skywarp

Whoooweee! Not since the original jets back in 1984 have I been as excited about the flyers. The initial-release of starscream had some buggered launcher-releases; you didn't need the Mini-Con to pop his null-cannons forward (later versions had this fixed).

Thundercracker is recolored Starscream. In addition to coming with the better launchers, the hand-holes do not seem to 'crack-out' when you place the wing-sword in them. There are also two versions of Thundercracker's face: the smirk (carryover from Starscream) and the later non-smirk. There is some argument as to whether this was a deliberate mold-change, or an accident. Time will tell. :-)

Skywarp is recolored and remolded compared to either version. (Note the rear tailfins, as well as the ponytail on the head. He also gets a different facesculpt, and a new Mini-Con.)

Star, Thunder, and Sky (Both Modes) | Thundercracker Smirk vs No-Smirk

(Note: The Skywarp mold was recolored, and re-released in the Universe line as Ramjet and packaged with a recolor Air Military Team.)

(Note: The Starscream jet mold gets a further release (along with Red Alert) in the Energon line as a Sam's Club exclusive 2pk set.)

Megatron / Galvatron

This is becoming some sort of tradition. :-) Megatron becomes Galvatron. A recolor (and a renamed Mini-Con) complement this set.

Boxed | Loose | Clench vs Leader-1


Yet ANOTHER release of the Combaticon mold. This time, it's urban-camo. Highlights include the redone paintjob, the rounded nosecone on Movor (Blastoff) and the poor-molding on the helicopter. It's interesting to note that, while released during the Armada series, the units do not come with powerlink pegs (considering all the other changes they made, you'd think they would add them). More...

Urban-Camo Ruination

(Note: There is a previous RID version of Ruination.)

(Note: There is a previous G1/G2 version of Ruination, called Bruticus.)

(Note: There is a later version of Ruination released during the Universe series.)

Scourge / Bludgeon

Recolored Combat Heroes. :-) It's odd, but hey, who am I to complain? Scourge is a recolored Prime (Sureshot) while Bludgeon is a recolored Megatron (Archforce):

G2 Heroes vs Armada Destructicons


The yellow Landfill Giftset, specifically. Like the redone Ruination, the units in this set do not come with powerlink pegs (the box has a rid label, too, but as it was released during Armada, it stays here. :-) Sorry, Defensis.

(Note: There is a previous RiD version of Landfill.)

(See Also: Particle's Review of Landfill vs Buildking.)

Landfill (RiD, Carded) | Landfill (Armada, Boxed) | Landfill vs Landfill (Loose)

(Note: There is a further release of this mold in the Universe line, recolored as Devastator.)

Armada Beasts

More of the recycled extreme series. :-) The original beasts Dinobot and Terrorsaur have been brought back and recolored, as have several toys from the Beast Machines line (which themselves were recycles of the Japanese BW Neo line). Grimlock/Swoop (Terranotron), Triceradon/Slapper, and Sludge/Snarl are the names of the dinos in each two-pk. It is interesting to note that, in-addition to color, the molds themselves saw a change...or more accurately, later-retooled molds were used, instead of original ones. For example, Grimlock uses the Beast Wars Grimlock mold, *not* the Dinobot one. Another change on Grimlock is the introduction of a smaller, more-flexible sword on this incarnation. Apparently another safety concern? Sigh.

Beast Wars vs Armada Pterydactal | Beast Wars vs Armada Velociraptor

Beast Wars vs Armada ** | Beast Wars vs Armada Triceratops

Beast Wars vs Armada ** | Beast Wars vs Armada Stegasaurus

Other beasts recycled into the Armada line include some figures from the Transmetal line of Beast Wars. Rhinox, Terrasaur and Airrazor are first out of the gate. Later-releases include Cheetor, and Predacon (Transmetal Megatron). In addition to being recolored, the figures have been remolded to include Mini-con pegs on various parts of their bodies (Airrazor and Terrasaur carry them on their wings, Rhinox on his hind legs, Cheetor on his back, Predacon on his shoulders). Recolored and renamed members from various Mini-Con teams are packed with these beasts. One inexplicable item: Airrazor is listed as an autobot, but has a large Decepticon symbol molded into her back. Hmmm...

It's interesting to note the mold-change on Cheetor's rocket-boosters, allowing the attachment of his Mini-Con partner. (Pic)

Terrasaurs | Rhinox vs Rhinox | Rhinox (Mini-Con Pegs) | Predacon vs Megatron

Cheetor | Airrazor | Airrazor and Predacon Mini-Cons vs Street Speed Team

Cheetor and Rhinox Mini-Cons vs Adventure Team | Airrazor Decepticon Symbol

(See also: Beast Wars)

(See also: Universe Beasts)


Even within Armada, recolors exist (as has been proven by the several Mini-Con recolors). Bigger figures went through a recolor process as well, including Hotshot (colored and remolded to resemble Hot Rod/Rodimus Major), Cyclonus (recolored to resemble Springer), Thrust (they should have gone with the red one), Jetfire (resembling nobody...and changed the soundchip too, apparently), BattlePants Prime (covered in the previous sections above), and Red Alert. When a person gets tired of creating seperate sections for individual figures, he creates one section to house several. :-)

Hotshot Vehicle | Hotshot Head | Hotshot Mini-Con

Jetfire vs Jetfire | Thrust | Cyclonus | Red Alert

It is interesting to note that the Hotshot redeco sports two types of symbol on his vehicle spoiler: solid red, and white-outline. (Pic) It is of further interest that Red Alert actually has a mold-change in the Powerlinx line; the gridwork, found on the hood of the original and recolor versions, was smoothed out in late-run versions of this mold.

PL Red Alert, 2 Mold Versions

Also note that Thrust was recolored again in The Universe line, called Sunstorm, and packed with a recolor Street Action Team. (Pic)

(See Also: The Armada Prime section for Powerlinx Prime.)


Here's an odd-one. Apparently, they didn't like the way Sideswipe's legs came together, so they remolded him; adding a notch to the peg, and a whole new (screwed-in) plug assembly.

Sideswipe, 2 Versions

(Note: This mold was recolored and rereleased as Oil Slick in a 2pk for Universe, and as Treadshot in a concurrtent Universe 2pk release.)


Yes, the one we've been waiting for fer 'bout 17 years...he has a variant, too. :-) Two of them, actually. Initially, this unit came with solid shoulders, and pegless wings. The later-version has slotted-shoulders, and pegged wings (this allows the wings to 'snap' into place on his shoulders, for a supposed better fit). And of-course, we have transitional variants as far as packaging goes. :-) No, not the packaging itself...but how the various parts were packaged:

Type 1: Pegless wings, solid shoulders.
Type 2: Pegless wings, one shoulder slotted. (Pic)
Type 3: Pegless wings, slotted shoulders.
Type 4: Pegged-wings, slotted shoulders.

Shoulder Variant | Wing Variant

(Note: There is a later-release of Unicron in the Energon series. The real kicker? Version 4 of the standard Unicron is version 1 in the Energon pkg. Why?!)

(See Slso: The short history of Unicron.)

Jhiaxus and Megabolt

A character name known from the G2 comic series, Jhiaxus is a thrice-already recolored Jetstorm mold from Beast Machines. Megabolt is a KB-exclusive toy...that was recolored from Megatron Megabolt, a KB-exclusive toy. Hmmm...

4 Jets and Counting | Megabolt

...and the worst-part is, we're not done with him yet. Universe sees the *fifth* release of him (as Universe Skywarp, below).

Dreadwind and Smokejumper

Released during Armada (exclusive to Target) and seen by some as a harbinger of the Universe style of tfs recycling, Dreadwind and Smokejumper are recucled from the G2 Dreadwing and Smokescreen mold. In addition to the color-change, there was slight tweaking to the mold; the missles now have a groove on one side, to match the new notch on the launcher hole.

In Package | G2 vs Armada (Big Plane) | Little Plane | Missles | Launchers

(Note: This mold was released previously as G2 Dreadwing, in Japan and Korea as Starscream and BB, and then saw a release after this one as Robotmasters Gigant Bomb and Smokesniper. More...


| Universe Beasts | Universe Machines | Universe Micros |

| Universe Combos: Battle in a Box | Universe Re-Uses |

The Transformers Universe line started as a sort of 'in-between' line (in-between Armada and Energon). It has since expanded to run concurrent with the series, and consists of recycled, recolored molds from as early as 1990 and as late as 2 months ago (or 2004, as I write this). That's basically 14 years of molds, which include American and previously foreign-only molds. I suppose anything earlier than that is considered 'G1', and as such will be a TRU classics reissue. This begs the question of whether someone in Hasbro will get the notion that Pretenders and Action Masters need to be re-issued in the line. (The answer, if anyone aske me, is *no*. We've had enough)

Originally, Universe was to have been supported by 1H's OTFCC convention comic. However, that seems no longer the case, as the convnetion comic was cancelled after 3 issues, and the lisence pulled. Still, the toys are produced, and seem to be selling...

(2011, as I write this:) The name 'Universe' has been reassigned to (mostly) new molds in what has been coined the Classics Line. That section is covered below, and on it's own page. Oh, and as Glen stole the show from the Hartmans, so Hasbro and MasterCollector have stolen from Glen :-) More on that exciting saga somewhere else on the site.

Universe Beasts

The card-art has changed, but the recycling of toys remains. :-) Some refer to the Universe series as the 'tween' line, meaning in-between the Armada and Energon series. Good enough for me, excepting that they won't *stop* with the dang recolors... While some of the toys are lacking the addition of powerlinks pegs and Mini-Con partners, the coloring has been changed...and seems garish in most cases. Primal, Razorclaw (Tigerhawk), BlackArachnia, Silverbolt, Snarl, Striker, and Iguanas are first out of the gate, followed in the next waves by Depthcharge, Skydive, and Triceradon:

Primal | Tigerhawk vs Razorclaw | Blackarachnia | Silverbolt | Snarl

Striker | Iguanas vs Reptilan | Depthcharge vs Depthcharge

Triceradon vs Triceradon | Skydive vs Skydive

Poor Striker...4 recolors, and counting. ;-) Actually, like the Beast Wars/Beast Machines sections, we've turned up a variant on the paint-apps. You can have more or less gold paint on the sides/legs, and you can have large vs small eyes. :-) (Pic) Triceradon is at the point where you can't even distinguish some of the finer paintaps changes (like Ruination, this guy should be retired). Skydive, like Triceradon, et all is a recolored prehistoric pelican from Beast Machines. :-) Which was a recoloring of the Japanese Beast Wars Neo stuff, but I digress...

(See Also: Armada Beasts, Beastwars and BeastMachines.)

But wait! There's more. Apparently, they saw fit to recycle another Beast from the Beastmachines line. Battle Unicorn is recolored and repacked with Stockade (below) and some Mini-Cons, and is now called Magna-Stampede. Yay.

Magna Stampede vs Battle Unicorn

In the early part of 2005, we saw 3 more beast toys released. Longhorn (Ramulus) and Frostbite (Jawbreaker) are recolors from the Beast Wars Transmetals 2 line, while Nightslash Cheetor is the same toy from Beast Machines (with a new tech-circuit pattern). There were a number of Energon toys released in Universe during this time as well (Perceptor, Arcee, Strongarm) but they were not recolored or renamed in any way, merely repackaged from Energon to Universe (and released in places such as Big Lots) so they're not really mentioned here. (Though there is a listing in the package variants section for them.)

Nightslash Cheetors | Jawbreaker vs Frostbite | Ramulus vs Longhorn

In 2006, during Cybertron, we saw even more beastly recolors! Overbite and Repugnus were released in a 2-pk exclusively at Target. A very slight recolor of the until now Japanese-only beast-shark Hellscream, and a recolored Beast Wars Buzzclaw (which was also used as three different characters for Botcon 2005, yuck).

Hellscream vs Overbite | Buzzclaw vs Repugnas (Versus Buzzclaw vs Dirge)

Universe Machines

Tankor and Obsidion | Prime and Magnus | Car Brothers and Skywarp | Ruination

Sunstorm and Perceptor | King Atlas and Ramjet | Strika / Fireflight / Stockade

Autobot Whirl / Soundwave / Cyberjets | Swerve and Blastcharge | Devestator

Tankor and Obsidian

So far, Tankor and Obsidian have been recolored and re-released as a two-pack. The coloring is slightly reminiscent of the Botcon characters Quake and Rotorbolt from the wreckers comics series. Hmmm...

Another interesting note is the mold-change in the barrel on the Universe version. It appears they completely rebuilt it from the Beast Machine version. Where before it was one solid, rounded piece, not it is square, segmented, and essentially superglued together.

Tankor and Obsidian vs Themselves | Tankor Barrel Variants

Prime and Magnus

Then, a recycling from the RID series, Prime and Magnus get the recolor and repackage treatment in the Universe line. Prime is just awful in yellow, while Magnus gets a subtle blue to dark-gray recoloring. Crazy-Steve notes that, on the Universe Magnus, they've molded the date-code stamping right into the toy itself (versus the toy-packaging, as is normal).

Prime and Magnus Take Over the Universe | Magnus-Stamping

Car Brothers and Skywarp

A further recycling from the RiD Series, X-Brawn and Prowl are recolored into Inferno and Autobot Ratchet, respectively...while Jhiaxus/Jetstorm/Sonic-Attack Jet/Stormjet (aaarrrgh!) sees yet *another* release, this time as Skywarp. Sideburn gets released as a Walmart exclusive...along with another Prowl redeco, this time actually called Prowl (instead of Inferno, which *should* have been Red Alert, but I digress). An interesting note on the Universe Prowl and Inferno: The police lights aren't recessed into the roof!! Instead they anchor onto a little stub protruding from it. To quote CrazySteve: "The first versions of the mold I found like this are the OTFCC Sideswipe & Sunstreaker, and the change continued with Universe Inferno. So Takara must've changed the mold beginning with the OTFCC exclusives, and now all further releases of it will have the OTFCC "tab top" roof."

X-Brawn vs Autobot Ratchet | Prowl vs Inferno | Skywarp vs Everyone Else

Sideburn vs Sideburn vs... | Rooftop Molding


And speaking of recycling...Universe gets a Ruination redeco. We are up to double-digit versions on this mold now. It's been officially beaten to death. Hasbro/Takara, please retire it... Changes on this version include the new desert-camo paintjob (as opposed to the urban-camo paint of the previous run). In addition, the accs are more closely colored to match the Japanese Car Robots Valdigus reissue. Of course, the accs also look a *lot* like the Family Dollar knockoff of the mold, further confusing the issue of parts in the future.

Yet Another Ruination

(Note: There are previous releases of Ruination in the RiD and Armada lines.)

(Note: There are previous releases of Ruination (called Bruticus) in the G1 and G2 lines.)

Sunstorm and Perceptor

Sunstorm is a recolored version of Armada Thrust, and is packed with a recolor Street Action Team. This is at least the fourth recolor of the mold thus far. :-) Perceptor is the v2 molding.

Thrust vs Sunstorm | Armada vs Universe Perceptor

King Atlas and Ramjet

King Atlas is a recolor (and slight remold) of the Machine Wars Starscream jet (which is itself a recolor/remold of the UK Skyquake). In the words of Zob: "Mold changes: They added some new stabilizing bars to the rear stabilizing wings to prevent them from breaking... Some new pegs were added to the inside of his legs to secure them together better when he's in jet mode. One more screw was added to the back of each of his forearms to hold them together more securely. (The new screw goes right through the back of his fist, and you can actually see the tip of the screw coming through the vestigal peg-hole in the front of his fist.) The copyright stamp was updated from 1996 to 2004."

Ramjet is a recolor of Skywarp from Armada. A recolor of the Air Military Team is included. It's a slight recolor; unless you have two sets to compare side by side, you might miss it! Thunderwing and Gunbarrel's plastic colors got darker (though the paintapps stayed the same). Terradive's color was changed the most, from blue and grey to purple and yellow.

Starscream vs Atlas (Boxed) | Starscream vs Atlas (Loose)

Starscream vs Atlas vs Skyquake Missles

Strika / Fireflight / Stockade

More goodness! In this wave, we get Nemesis Strika, Stockade (recolor tankdrone, packaged with MagnaStampede), Fireflight, Autobot Whirl, and Soundwave with Spacecase.

Fireflight is also a recolor of a Beast Machines toy (Spystreak), but one that saw a recolor in RID as well (as Nightcruz, part of the autobot 3pk in that line). Interestingly, while all these units possess their spark crystals from previous incarnations, they've been tampoed and painted over with standard autobot and decepticon faction symbols (they used to be vehicons...this is a recurring theme in universe). It is interesting to note that Stryka actually had a *mold* change on her: a small flat area was molded onto the chest for placement of a Decepticon sticker (visable in robot mode):

Nemesis Strika vs Strika | Stryka Molds

Stockade vs TankDrone | Fireflight vs Nightcruz vs Spystreak

Autobot Whirl / Soundwave / Cyberjets

Whirl is a recolor of Machine Wars Sandstorm (which is itself a recolor of the Euro Scopemaster Rotorstorm), while both Nemesis Strika and Stockade are recolors of Beast Machines toys (Srika and Tank Drone, respectively).

Whirl went through several mold-changes in this version; for starters, the weapon-springs have been restored (the previous Sandstorm version had the buttons and spring removed). However, you can't fit a Turbomater missle in it! The front has had nubs molded into it, preventing missle insertion. In-addition, the gun has been remolded to mount differently on the copter; where once there was just a pair of pegs, there is also now a connecting bar (the copter mold has been changed to reflect this as well).

Modified Mount | Weapons 1 | Weapons 2 | Weapons 3

W vs S (Vehicle) | W vs S vs R (Robot) | W vs S (In Package)

Soundwave, like Autobot Whirl, is a recolor of a Machine Wars toy (also named Soundwave, in this case, which itself is a recolor of the UK Stalker figure). What's interesting about Soundwave is that there was a mold-change; the eye-piece is more oval compared to his previous two versions, and the 'scope gimmick' has been restored. In-addition, you can use the King Atlas missles on the side of this fig, for reasons I won't go into here. :-) His partner Spacecase is a recolor of the Generation 2 Spacecase figure (which itself was a recolor within that line, as Strafe) (See Decepticon section for details).

Air Raid and Windsheer, like Spacecase above, are recolors of the G2 Cyberjets from 10 years ago (1994). In this Case, Air Raid is a recolor...of Air Raid :-) (and Skyjack, who shared the mold) while Windsheer is a recolor of the Jetfire/Hooligan F-15 mold.

Soundwave Large Missles | Soundwave vs Soundwave

Spacecase (All 3) | The Other Cyberjets

It is also interesting to note that each of these sets came with several Mini-Cons from the armada series. Recolored (gods, the recolors) versions of the Emergency Team and the Air Assult team were scattered between the sets:

Air Military | Emergency | Who They Came With

Swerve and Blastcharge

Swerve is a red recolor of the Armada Blurr figure, and one of several Armada re-uses (see Battle in a box sets below) in the Universe line. I like this one. Better than the original? Maybe. Blastcharge is a recolor of the Beast Machines toy of the same name.

Blurr vs Swerve | Blastcharge vs Blastcharge

In 2006, during the Cybertron line, we recieved even more machine recolors. This time, the Build team from way back in RID shows up, this time in G1 Devastator colors (natch). This was previously a Walmart recolor as well (which was a remold from the Japanese Car Robots build team) so although a tweaked American mold, it can trace its roots to the Japanese one as well.

RID Landfill vs Walmart Yellow vs Universe Devastator

Universe Combos: Battle In A Box Sets

Unlike many of the Universe TFs above, which featured one or two TFs in a package (or several, as either Mini-Cons or team-mates), this section deals with the infamous 'battle in a box' sets. That is, the TFs packaged together are not part of the same team...they're like 'versus' sets:

Crystal Widow vs Oil Slick | Ultra Magnus vs Treadshot and Smokescreen vs Ransack

Crystal Widow and Oilslick are recolors of Beast Machines Blackarachnia and Armada Sideswipe, respectively. Point of fact, Crystal Widow was already recolored as Blackarachnia in the Universe line, and now sees a slight color change in this set. Oilslick is further recolored as Treadshot in *another* vs set below.

Blacharachnia (BM) vs Blackarachnia (Universe) vs Crystal Widow (BB)

Blackarachnia Spark Crystals | Sideswipe vs Oilslick

Ultra Magnus and Treadshot are recolors of Armada supercon Prime and Armada Sideswipe, respectively. In-point of fact, Treadshot's mold is also used as Oilslick in the versus set listed above! Good lord, that's a lot of recolors...and releaseing two purple retreads concurrently seems like a poor decision, but hey, we bought them, so oh well. :-)

Supercon Prime vs Nemesis Prime vs Ultra Magnus | Treadshot vs Oilslick vs Sideswipe

Smokescreen and Ransack are recolors of Armada Smokescreen and Armada Hoist, respectively. If you consider that the two battling molds were actually representative of the *same* character in the Armada cartoon, then this versus set takes on a rather humorous note. :-)

Outside of Package | Smokescreen vs Smokescreen and Hoist vs Ransack

It is interesting to note the recolors of the Mini-Cons that came with each figure in the BB sets. Nightbeat (the small cycle) sees a subtle change; the yellow plastics are of a slightly different color (which will make a night*mare* for future collectors and parts-sorters) while the others are more easily told apart:

Nightbeat X 3 | Ransack and Liftor X 2

Universe Micros

Another interesting problem. So far, the line consists of the Kaybee-exclusive Universe micro six-combiners Defensor (Sixturbo) and Devastator (Sixbuilder). Originally, they were released in Japan as late G1 toys specifically for their market. Then, 14 years later, they were reissued. Now, these same molds are reissued in the USA. While not posessing variations within the usa line itself at the moment, they do come pre-loaded with history, and as such, deserve a mention here. For specific details, and how they differ from their Japanese counterparts, please visit the micros section of the Japanese/European page, specifically the page dealing with the micro six-combiners.

Universe Re-Uses

As mentioned at the top of this section, the name 'Universe' has been re-launched with a different Transformers product line. While ostensibly containing recolors, it actually contains recolors of new molds *within its own line.* That is, you could have a Universe Treadbolt, which is a universe recolor of Universe Powerglide, which was a NEW mold in the Universe line. :-) Sound confusing? It is! So we've placed these particular 'Universe recolors' in their own section, titled The ClassicsVerse. Go there to enjoy them!


| Magnus and Tidalwave | Rapid Run and Treadbolt | Strongarm and Skyblast |

| Energon Saber | Energon Starscream and SnowCat | Unicron Redux |

| Energon Optimus Prime | Divebomb, Cruellock, and Arcee | Battle Ravage and Signal Flare |

| Energon Hotshot | Energon Megatron | Towline and Downshift |

| Prowl versus Starscream | Cliffjumper and Beachcomber | Shockblast and Sixshot |

| Bulkhead vs Quickswitch | Landmine vs Landquake | Rodimus and Prowl |

| Mirage and Dreadwing; Ironhide and E-Ironhide | Demolisher and Cyclonus |

| Costco Prime and Overload | Inferno and Roadblock | Jetfire and Overcast |

| Energon Gestaults |

Magnus and Tidalwave

First out of the gate are recolors from the near-end release of the Armada series they sure didn't waste much time, did they? Overload is recolored (and lovingly called ultra magnus) and repacked with a recolored Space Mini-Con team, while Tidalwave gets recolored (and boxed-up quite a bit better). One interesting note:Iinitially, Magnus was supposed to come with the (previously) recolored Street Speed team. Initial pics show this, and the current packaging shows this. For whatever reason, they chose the Space Team instead.'s also odd that Magnus is available in the Energon line, since the only toy he can combine with (Battlepants Prime) is in the previous Armada series...

Overload / Magnus (Boxed) | (Loose) | Tidalwave | Mini-Cons

(Note: Magnus was further recolored and re-released in the Energon Overload again, a Costco Exclusive giftset with Prime- see below. Magnus was also remolded and recolored as Sentinel Maximus for the OTFCC convention exclusive.)

Rapid Run and Treadbolt

...and the recolors continue. Armada Scavanger has been recolored and renamed Treadbolt. And Armada Sideways has been recolored and renamed Rapid Run. An interesting note: The small heads on the back of Rapid Run's pkg are properly identified as good and evil. However, like the initial-release of Sideways...they activate the wrong symbols again. :-) It's a conspiracy, I tell you. They'll never get it right.

TreadBolt | Rapid Run | Mini-Cons | Mini-Cons Too

Strongarm and Skyblast

Not the first Energon variant, but certainly an interesting one. :-) And it is the first one on a new toy. Initial-versions came with solid-red symbols (like Powerlinx Hotshot) while later versions came with the outlined symbols. Nifty. Later on, Strongarm is recolored and renamed Energon Strongarm. (Kinda like the Armada Powerlinx upgrade, eh?)

Strongarm and Skyblast, Solid vs Outline Symbols | S vs E-S (Carded) | S vs E-S (Loose)

Divebomb, Cruellock, and Arcee

This is why I hate Transformers. Divebomb comes in three different versions (so far). Initially, he was released with a pointed and a 'handled' (ie, safety-tip) weapon. For safety reasons (so Hasbro says) this was changed to a pair of 'handled' weapons. Now, however, we've seen a further release that has two *sharp* weapons! We don't understand either. Cruellock hasn't been confirmed yet. So far, there's been exactly one sighting of a Cruellock withOUT paintapps (on the weapon). Until more show up, it's hard to say for sure. One prevailing theory is that it's an 'error' (a missed paintap, similar to BM Dinotron missing half a head paintap). We still mention it, because any change is a good one. ;-) Note that Cruellock is recolored and rereleased as Doomlock later in the series.

Arcee appears to have an assembly-change; or a correction, if you prefer. Initial releases sported tires with reversed treads; ie the tires were put on backwards. Later-releases have the tire treads flipped over, so they appear to be running correctly. In addition, Arcee also has a variation on both large pieces of the gun. The Energon packaged version has a peg in a hole that is flat on top. The PLB packaged version has this peg rounded on top.

Divebomb, 3 Blade Versions | Cruelock, 2 Gun Versions | Doom vs Cruel

Arcee Tires | Arcee Guns

Battle Ravage and Signal Flare

Battle Ravage's initial-release sported a smooth neckplate. But like Beast Wars TM Rattrap, a tab was added to the head later on in order to keep the animal secured in one place (this mold-change also carries over into the recolor of this mold, called Command Ravage). Signal Flare is recolored and renamed as Offshoot (no, we don't know why).

Signal Flare vs Offshoot | Battle Ravage Necks | Battle Ravage vs Command Ravage

Energon Saber

Energon Saber is a recolor (and radical remolding) of Star Sabre. As with Swindle and Mirage in the Armada line, Energon Saber and Star Saber are so radically different from one another, some might not consider it a variant at all. We know better. :-)


Of-course, there *is* a variant within the line itself. :-) (Isn't there always?) Initial-releases of E-Sabre's shuttle had a head that was square, had eye-indents, and a mold-line running through it. This head did not fully fit into the body and close all the way. Later issues changed the head-mold, removed the eye indents and mold line, and tapered the headplate so that it now fits in smoothly:

Headshot 1 (Indented vs Smooth Eye) | Headshot 2 (Tapered vs Straight Plate)

Energon Starscream and Snowcat

Starscream gets an honorable mention in the Vari-Quest. :-) For if you study him closely, you can see that his design has borrowed elements from three other toys. (Some so much so that it could be considered a variant!?) For starters, the transformation sequence is nearly identical to G2 Smokescreen (A-Smokejumper). The jet-mode is identical to a Machine Wars jet...and of-course, you can see the sculpt for the overall 'look' was copied from the Armada Starscream (head, winglines, etc). So kudos to the designer of Energon Starscream, who will recieve our token, 'Recycled Extreme!' award.

A Band of Brothers

Er, ahem. Anyways, Starscream *does* have a couple of variants. For one, the silver paint-apps are not universal; you can have more or less paint on the circuitry sections (first noticed as a problem on the Beast Machines Spystreak appropriate). In addition, there are rumors of a molding problem in the shoulders; initial releases might not have had the secondary set of shoulder tabs to lock the arms into place (unconfirmed).

In-addition, in 2005 Starscream was recolored into Energon Starscream (with a paintdeco more matching his G1 namesake):

Starscream vs E-Starscream

Snowcat is an interesting problem. ;-) Initial versions came with the front-end rivets exposed by the wheelwell. Later versions were reinforced in order to keep the wheels from snapping off (and to hold in the spark crystal, presumably). The problem? I got the upgraded one first, and the original one second. :-) Following the datecodes creates a further problem; it says the upgrade unit arrived here at the same time as the original. However, upon purchase of a third unit, we have a later-datecode, upgraded unit (and with the xevos ad). More of this will be covered in the packaging variants section. The current theory is that either the datecode is more for tracking package printings only, or that there were concurrent mold runs of each version of snowcat. :-) For now, let's just show the mold-variant here:

Snowcat, Plain vs Reinforced Wheelhub

Unicron Redux

A recolor on Unicron? So soon? Weeeellll...ok. The molding is of the later-version (slotted-shoulders, and pegged wings). Now more of a dark version, versus the yellow homage to the original Unicron:

Unicron | Dead-End

Here's what I don't understand...initial-releases of Energon Unicron...were simply the Armada Unicron (version 4) in Energon packaging. Why?!

(See Also: The short history of Unicron.)

Energon Optimus Prime

The new large version. :-) A minor-change between the initial-release, and the later ones. The chest-plates (behind the swing-out truck windows) can be either smooth, or lined. A later-change on the mold includes a full-faceplate version (versus the mouth he had initially). The changes occurred gradually, so we end up with a transition unit (or so we are told, as I refuse to buy more than two of these things to find out). :-)

Mouth vs No-Mouth | Lined vs Unlined Chest

So, to wrap-up:

1) Energon Prime, smooth chest plate, full mouth.
2) Energon Prime, ringed chest plate, full mouth (Unconfirmed).
3) Energon Prime, ringed chest plate, faceplate!

Finally, there is a Toys R Us exclusive, smaller version of this mold. Originally released in Japan, it was released as a two-pack here with a smaller version of Megs. Excepting the size, colors remain consistent with the larger initial-release.

2-Pack | Original vs Downsized Version | TRU Wearing E-Prime Limbs

Energon Megatron

What a fun toy. Actually looks to be made in-homage to the original Galvatron. :-) Anyways, initial versions were white, while the recolored, upgraded version was an interesting purple (and renamed Galvatron, of course).

E-Galvatron, Original vs Recolor

Finally, there is a Toys R Us exclusive, smaller version of this mold. Originally released in Japan, it was released as a two-pack here with a smaller version of Prime. Excepting the size, colors remain somewhat consistent with the larger initial-release.

2-Pack | Original vs Downsized Version

(See also: Superlink for Japanese and luckydraw versions.)

Energon Hotshot

Initially released with gray face and light-yellow paoint, later versions (xevos-ad, see pkg variants) came with silver face and dark yellow paint. In addition, E-Hotshot was recolored silver and reissued again (kinda like Powerlinx Hotshot from Armada, eh?). What's interesting to note is the change on the silver recolor E-Hotshot, In the words of Lewis: "(silver)Energon Hot Shot has a weapon variant as well. Unfortunately, you can't see it at all in the picture, but their is a "2" molded into the plastic on the first version (Energon Packaging), and a "1" on the second version (PLB Packaging).".

Hotshot Grey vs Silver Face | E-Hotshot vs Powelinx E-Hotshot | Hotshot Weapons

Towline and Downshift

In the words of Lewis: "Downshift has a change to one of his guns. The first version (Energon Packaging) peg was solid at the end, but hollow inside. The second version (red PLB Packaging) peg has a hole in it. Tow-Line has two variations. On his gun, the metal bar that the extended part of the weapon turns on is in a different position. On the first version (Energon Packaging) the bar has been inserted from the bottom. On the second version (red PLB Packaging) it has been inserted from the top. The second Tow-Line variation is on the robot. When you look through the windows you cans see two raised round pieces of plastic. It can only be seen through the widows. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose. On the first version, these two areas are solid. On the second version (red PLB Packaging), they have a hole in them."

Downshift Guns | Towline Chests | Towline Guns

Prowl Versus Starscream

Released around the same time as the Universe Battle in a Box sets (and sporting the same design concept), Prowl is a recolor of the *last version* of the Armada Powerlinx Red Alert figure. I say this because of the late-mold-change on the engine gridwork found on the powerlinx, versus the regular version, of the figure. The late-release Powerlinx version is smooth. Prowl is smooth as well, thus he's the later-version. Armada Red Alert, and the first wave of PL version, had engine gridwork (documented on the Powerlinx section of Armada, above).

Starscream is of-course a recolor of the Armada Starscream figure. Compared to the early-version starscream, the only update are the reinforced launchertabs (holding the cannons down). Early screamers popped up easily; late-version screamer (and most subsequent jets in the line) had the newer tab.

Longarm Comparison | Starscream vs | Modified Launchtab

Red Alert vs Prowl | Vehicle Mode Bits

Cliffjumper and Beachcomber

Beachcomber is a recolor of the Cliffjumper mold. Interestingly, Cliffjumper came in a paint variant; initial versions were missing two painted squares on their torsos, while later versions had the paint applied:

Cliffjumper vs Beachcomber | Cliffjumper Paint Variants

Shockblast and Sixshot

A simple recolor. Though interestingly, many people have complained that something is missing out of the recolor Sixshot; for some reason, nobody's unit will stay standing up...

Shockblast vs Recolor

Bulkhead vs Quickswitch

A simple recolor, released almost immediately after the initial Bulkhead release:

Bulkhead and Quickswitch

Landmine vs Landquake

Landquake is a white recolor of the orange Landmine figure (though they're supposed to be different characters.) Hmmm...

Landmine vs Landquake

Rodimus and Prowl

In the words of Lewis: "The one I got in Energon packaging when it came out has larger eyes than the one I got in PLB packaging." There is also a change on the gun. The front of the gun has four pieces sticking out around where the missile plugs in; these bulged pieces can have extra lines on them, depending on the version. In the words of Lewis: "Look at the protuberances; two with a bump on the end (left and right), and two without (top and bottom). This is one solid piece of plastic. When you look at the four protusions closer, all four of these pieces are different. As shown in the picture, two of them have two extra lines molded into them. These four protusions then are: 1) one with the bump and lines, 2) one with the bump and no lines, 3) one with no bump and lines, and 4) one with no bump and no lines. It looks like the part is molded so that the two bumps have to be on the left or right, but can be put on both directions. So, while both have the bumps on the left and right, one has the extra lines in the bottom and one side, and the other has the lines on the top and other side."

Whew. :-) In-addition, Rodimus was recolored and re-released as Checkpoint (packaged with a recolored Prowl). Note that there is a further mold-change on Rodimus; initial versions came with small to no indents on the underside of the spoiler, while later versions (and all checkpoint molds, that we've seen) come with one spoiler with twin deep indents on one spoiler (a round one with an oval one placed next to it):

Rodimus Eyes | Rodimus Guns | Prowl vs Prowl | Rodimus vs Checkpoint | Spoiler Variants

Mirage and Dreadwing; Ironhide vs E-Ironhide

Dreadwing is a recolor of the Mirage mold, while E-Ironhide is a recolor of the Ironhide mold (I'm geting sick of recolors within a single line, and within a month of each-other no less). While the boats are supposed to be different characters, Ironhide is considered an upgraded version of the original. Hmmm...

Mirage vs Dreadwing | Ironhide vs E-Ironhide

Cyclonus and Demolisher

Recolors of the Armada toys of the same name. Released as Kaybee exclusives. Interestingly, though these versions of the figures were some of the first ones to be seen in the energon cartoon, they were released near the end of the Energon line. (Wheras Superlink put them out first.)

Cyclonus, 3 Versions | Demolisher, 3 Versions

Costco Prime and Overload

Awful. :-) A Ronald McDonald recolor of the Armada Prime and Overload molds. :-) I'm not kidding.

Battlepants Prime, 4 Versions | Overload (Robot)

Overload (Vehicle) | Boxed Versions of Several

(Note: Overload was previously recolored as Magnus in the Energon line. Prime was previously recolored as Powerlinx Prime in the Armada line).

Inferno and Roadblock

The Inferno mold was retooled and re-released as Roadblock in the Energon line. Note the new colors, new head covering, and especially the it's got a hook. :-) A shame they didn't call him Grapple instead...

Inferno vs Roadblock

Jetfire and Overcast

Overcast is a recolor of the Jetfire mold. An interesting quirk; for some reason, initial-versions of Overcast came out with a missing paintapp on the top vents (first-release had a grey vent and a white vent, while later versions had both ** vents).

Jetfire vs Overcast | Overcast 2 Vent Colors

Energon Gestaults

(See also: Combiners.)

Multi-member combiners have a rich history, relived in these gestaults 20 years later. :-) Like the Scramble City combiners, these new kids on the block take five members; one torso-bot, and 4 limb guys. However, 2 of each limb are molded exactly the same. :-) No variation in team members. 3 molds, 5 team members. Just a color-change.

Soooooo...that means, for Superion Maximus, Windrazor is a recolor of Treadshot (who was released first) and Terradive is a recolor of Skyshadow (ditto). For Constructicon Maximus, Wideload is a recolor of Duststorm, and Bonecrusher is a recolor of Sledge. For Bruticus Maximus (don't you just love these names?), Kickback and Blight share a mold, while Stormcloud and Blackout copy each other.

Stormcloud vs Blackout | Kickback vs Blight | Terradive vs Skyshadow

Treadshot vs Windrazor | Duststorm vs Wideload | Sledge vs Bonecrusher

There is one interesting change on some of the torso bots: initial releases of Stormjet and Steamhammer didn't come with the 'combiner gear' tampoed on their vehicle modes. Later versions had the tampo added. In another interesting change, Stormjet (aerialbot leader) had a change on his hips; on the inner half-moon where the hips connect to the torso, you can have clicky-groves around 1/2 of this part...or clicky-grooves around the entire half-moon. :-) Initial-versions of the toy, if transformed incorrectly for gestault mode, would not support the unit, thus your toy would do the splits. :-) Later versions corrected this (thank you to the tfans poster who pointed this out). So bad enough there are two versions of Steamhammer; with Stormjet, you have 3 verisons. :-)

Torso-Bot Tampo Stampings vs None | Steamhammer Tampo vs None (Carded)

Stormjet Hip-Clicky Changes

Double-Danged Spychangers

Spychangers in Universe and Energon

(Note: Spychangers were previously released in the RiD series.)

(Note: Spychangers originally derived from the G2 Gobots.)

(See also: Japanese Spychangers.)

RID Spychangers, to be exact. 8 of them have been re-released in their original RID colors, and in 'Tiny Tins' packaging (individually-carded, with a little tin box). Granted, it's a RID design on the cards, but since these were released during Armada, I'll put them here. ;-) It's primarily a packaging variation, but there are some other subtle differences as well. (For those details, see the RID Spychangers section). Now, the reason I list them here is that it gives me an excuse to list the recolored Armada Spychangers as a variant. :-) Weee! Well, 6 of them, anyways. So far. Down the pike, we'll see recolored and renamed versions matching those of our fav heroes, such as Prime.

Tiny Tins | Armada Recolors

As I said, a number of recolors. Prowl 2 and Sideswipe are recolored into Prowl and Silverstreak (who is now colored blue...those Hasbro guys have a sense of humor). X-Brawn is recolored into Hoist, Sideburn and Daytonus are recolored into Jazz and Wheeljack (I like Wheeljack) and Prime is Prime, of course. :-)

6 New Spychangers, Recolored | 4 Spychangers (Loose)

X-Brawn vs Hoist | Scourge vs Prime

(Note: There are previous recolors of Spychangers in the Autobot and Decepticon sections of the site, called G2 Gobots.)

(Note: There are further recolors of Spychangers in the Energon line.)

As if the Spychanger recolors in the *previous* section weren't we have more! The RiD Prime and Magnus spychangers get the Sams Club redeco (their new colors match the yellow and black recolors of their larger counterparts). Ironhide gets recolored to represent a G1 Trailbreaker (neat, actually) while Prowl 2 gets the Red Alert treatment. (Ironically, he's called Prowl.)

I'm a victim of my own filing system.

RiD vs Universe Prime and Magnus | Carded Universe 2-packs

God help us if they release any *more* Spychangers...

...aaaaand of course they did. Now the recolors are being released in new packaging, at the Dollar General stores: Prowl and Silverstreak, Hoist and Jazz, Wheeljack and Prime:

Dollar General Spychangers

Sometimes, I really hate this hobby. What is it gonna take to kill these things?!