Micro Six-Combiner Teams!

Originals vs Reissues. A note on these figures: The originals were stamped Macau. The reissues are stamped China. In-case anyone was confused. :-)

Originally, this was a section devoted strictly to to comparing original vs reissue Japanese exclusive micros. However...they've now released two of these formerly exclusive sets in the USA (specifically, the reissue Sixturbo as Defensor, and the reissue chase Sixbuilder as Devastator) as Kaybe/Universe toys...well, we'll expand and mention those in the sections below, too. :-) Ah well.

One nice thing: These fellows didn't have discernible mold tweaks. So if you can't afford an original, buying a reissue is almost as good, becuase they're all molded the same. ;-)


Originally released in a 'giftset' box. (Note: Sixliner and Sixtrain are recolored/remolded versions of each other.) Reissues were released in individual numbered boxes. Differences between original and original are pretty obvious in terms of color and molding. :-) Difference between originals and reissues include different paintapps (originals had silver eyes, the reissues have blue eyes) as well as tampo-stamping. (The originals had a sticker sheets, the reissues have the details printed on the toys.)

Vintage Sixliner/Vintage Sixtrain in 'giftset' packages. Again, note the differences in color and molding between the individual members for each team.


The reissue trains came individually stamped and numbered in their own little boxes, which were packed in a larger case. It is interesting to note the two different shades of red used in the chase version. The usual pattern is to have these things all uniform in color. :-)



Unlike Sixliner/Sixtrain, there was only one of these originally. :-) But the same deal here with the reissue. Instead of stickers, you have paint-apps and tampo-stamps. Note the slightly lighter color of the Sixturbo accessories on the reissue. Note also that this was the start of 'chase' figures in the lineup. In this case, black Sixturbo was the variant for the reissue.

Now, of-course, we have micro six-combiner reissues showing up as KB-exclusive toys in the USA (Sixturbo is now Defensor). Primus help us if more of these dang things show up. Oh, wait...they just. did. ;-) Across the pond, in 6-language red energon packaging. Wee. (Pic)

The original Japanese vs the reissue Japanese: Again, note that the sticker areas were replaced with paint-apps and tampo-stamps, and the color of the blue plastic on the gestault accessories is lighter. Note again that these fellows came individually packed in a case, versus the 6-pk format originally. Note also the black chase variant. ;-)


...and now the reissue Defensor version in the USA. With the exception of the plastic on two of the figures, it is identical in mold and color to the Sixturbo reissue. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)


Here's where things got interesting. The reissue team members were not colored the same as the originals. Again, symbols, etc were tampo-stamped onto the figures. The chase figure this time around was a green version, referred to as the 'Devastar' version. :-)

The original:



The chase version. Call Devastar...or the Devastator version, if you prefer. ;-) Green construction vehicles? Gestault? Get it? Huh? Sigh...interestingly, this is the second Six-Combiner to show up as a USA exclusive through KB Toys. The green version again. :-) So much for the chase figure. But at least it's a different shade of green...

Interestingly, while this was a KB exclusive in the USA, it appears that it will see a more generalised release in the UK. Check out this pic of Universe Devastator in 6-language Euro-packaging. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)


Now here's another fun one. This time, in addition to changing the colors, they changed the faction as well. :-) He was a good guy originally...but now, the regular reissue is Decepticon (seems fair, I suppose). The chase figure, however, was a good guy...er, sort of. :-) A white 'berzerker' version.

The original:


The reissues: again, note the color-change, and the 'white' chase version:


There was a further reissue of Sixwing as Superion released as a KB exclusive as aprt of the Universe line. More...

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