They've released so many of them...now they have to have their own page. Darn them to heck. This is a rough history of the Spychangers, from beginning to end. Boo-hiss. They started out as G2 Gobots. There were four that were not released. Car Robots and RiD comes along, re-releases the original molds, and the four un-used ones. Now, there are a plethora of recolored Spychangers out there. Ugh. See for yourself:

The original Car Robots versions. Rub the roofs, and find the hidden-symbol :-) These had sprayops added to them, and were released in the states as Spychangers. It went downhill from there.

"Jusco" Super Spychangers. Released at Jusco stores in Japan with various purchases of Transformers product. Came in black bags, which meant you didn't know what you got until it was opened. Do not have "rubsigns", but do have generally nausea-inducing color schemes.

Super Spychangers. Released in "negative" color schemes from the original releases. All use the U.S. paint masks and schemes as opposed to the Japanese ones. There's paint inside Ox's truck bed, and stripes along the bottom of W.A.R.S. doors, for example, which are not present on the Car Robots versions. Actually quite nifty, and easy to obtain...purchasing a box of 12 yields a full set plus extras.

Clear Super Spychangers. Another hard to aquire set, though probably not as bad as the "Jusco" set. Same paint ops as the regular versions, only on all clear plastic. Probably not worth the money except for completists. A particularly dull-looking set.

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