Particle's Review of the USS vs the Japanese 'Constructabots'


RiD Vs CR-lots of these. Japanese version is always on the right or top, unless otherwise noted.

*Build Masters/Construction Team*

Build Boy vs Wedge

The colors go from shiny plastic to more muted plastic, plus some orange turns to grey.

Build Boy has a Takara/TPC (Transformer Production Company, they also handled the BW show incidentally), while Wedge has a Hasbro/Takara copyright.

For some reason Build Boy's gun was remolded slightly for Wedge, but only on the back side. Wedge has an extra crossbar and none of the pin indents of Build Boy.

Build Hurricane vs Grimlock

Not much happens. Grimlock has brighter greens, but he gets dull grey plastic instead of Build Hurricane's shiny grey. This happens a lot between the two lines. Grimmy also gets a gratuitous Autobot symbol on his cab.

Build Hurricane has a Takara/TPC copyright, Grimlock has a shared Hasbro/Takara copyright.

Well, they're not really guns, but go with the convention. :) Grimlock gets an extra stripe of gold paint, and the aforementioned dull grey plastic for the "lower jaw".

Build Typhoon vs Hevay Load

Same dulling of the shiny colors, and Heavy Load gets a gratuitous Autobot symbol and some nice extra paint on top of his bucket.

The only real remold to this toy came in the copyright location. Build Typhoon's (Takara/TPC) is on the underside of the bar that his bucket attatches to, Heavy Load's is on the underside of the bucket itself.

(Editor's Note: Um, what about the underside of the bucket? It's been remolded, similar to how the back of Wedge's gun was changed. :-) Hehe.

Build Cyclone vs Hightower

Hightower is actually a shade or two lighter, although as per usual all of Build Cyclone's shiny grey plastic is replaced by dull grey plastic on Hightower. Hightower's gratuitous Autobot symbol is on top of his cab.

Build Cyclone's big gun was extensively changed for Hightower. The black barrel was changed to dull grey plastic (child safey regs perhaps), the hook was filled in more, and, as shown in...

...Hightower has an extra plate underneath the gun, which leads to...

...more holes being filled in on top of the gun.

On the other hand, Hightower's small gun is merely a shade duller and darker than the original.

(On a further note, I'd like to mention the molding change underneath Hightower's crane accessory.) (Pic)

Build King vs. Landfill

It's worth noting that other than Hightower's dimunitive one, *none* of the gratuitous Autobot symbols are visible in combined mode.

(See Also: Yellow Landfill giftset)