Machine Wars: Recycled Extreme!

Picture Courtesy of Jackpot

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Machine Wars...a limited-run, Kaybee Toys exclusive line. Released about the same time as Beast Wars, it petered out almost immediately. Which is a shame, but understandable, given the limited selection. They were apparently a test to see if vehicles were viable at the time. Of course, with no commercials, no comics, no ads of any kind, and no toon, they generated little or no interest and failed.

The four Basic molds (Prowl/Mirage, Hoist/Hubcap, Megatron/Megaplex, and Thrust/Skywarp) were all pre-existing molds. It is said that they were originally intended to follow the Cyberjets in Generation 2, but the line was cancelled beforehand. They would have been the very first auto-transforming toys if they had been issued then, as their designs predated the first Beast Wars basic toys that used it.

The four larger molds (Optimus Prime, Starscream, Soundwave, and Sandstorm) were actually repaints and retools of European and Japanese released late G1 (some call it G1.5, as the boxes used the G2 style logos, but didn;t say G2 on them anywhere) molds. All four had their missile launchers and gimmicks either totally gutted or altered to meet USA safety standards. Prime, Starscream, Sandstorm, and Soundwave were originally Thunderclash, Skyquake, Rotorstorm, and Stalker, respectively. They were originally part of the subteams called Turbomasters and Predators.

There were a number of other items in this series not released by KB. Those will be found in the Japanese/European section of the site. The line's one reprieve is that a number of the molds were used again about 9 years later in the Universe line.


Starscream is a recolor(and slight remold) of the euro-predator Skyquake. The only variation of note in the USA is that Starscream apparently came with white missles, as well as the standard green ones (which should NOT to be confused with the darker green of the Euro Predator series, see pics below). Note also that along with the remold, the gimmicks from Skyquake were 'hacked' for the Starscream version (no launcher, no mirror for the scope, etc):

Machine Wars Screamer Missles White vs Green | Missle, 4 Types

Note: In 2004, Starscream was remolded again, and re-released in the Universe line as King Atlas. (Pic 1 | Pic 2) Note that the scope-gimmick has been restored (however, we have no Predator Jets to piggyback on him thus far. :-)


Prime is a recolor and remold of the Euro Thunderclash. (Pic 2) On a personal note...does it bother anyone that the boxart is recycled from the G2 Laser Prime toy?


Soundwave is a recolor of the Euro Stalker.

(Note: This mold has been remolded and re-released in the Universe Soundwave again. :-)


Sandstorm is a recolor and remold of the Euro Rotorstorm

(Note: This mold has been reused in the Universe line as Autobot Whirl, and packaged with 2 Mini-Cons. (Pic)

Everyone Else

In addition, there were 8 toys made from four molds...not a good way to start a toyline. They should have left it at four vehicles, or brought out an additional 4 molds. Hoist, and Hubcap came out in identical, albeit different colored, molds, as did Mirage and Prowl. Megatron and Megaplex shared a mold, as did Skywarp and Thundracker.

Card Art (Back)

In my humble opinion? It's obvious that Hoist and Mirage were meant to be the the figures released. They didn't need to recolor and rename these molds into something that didn't fit. And Megaplex? Who the heck is he?

Note: Yes, these guys have GUNS! Check the inside of the legs. Lot's of people miss them. It's a 2-pc assembly, with half of each weapon in each leg. You'll love it, especially if you didn't know they had guns before. :-)

Note: Each of these four molds were re-used in the RID line. In addition, you will find them in the List One section of the Japanese/European page (under the Beast Wars and Car Robots variants catagories). There is a further 2004 reissue of the car mold (as Mirage) and the jet molds in the Robot Masters line).