G2 Dreadwing, G2 Megatron ATB, Armada Dreadwing, Robotmasters GigantBomb

This section will document the different versions of the G2 Dreadwing mold.

G2 Dreadwing: One of my favorite toys. Has a number of gimmicks which make this one an easy sell to me, not the least of which is the articulation on the small jet...flexible, without much in the line of balljoints. A design ahead of its time, which is why it's nice to see it re-released 10 years later along with other toys that use similar articulation principles (Armada). Note that the toy was available in this incarantion in America, Europe (known as Ace Evader there) and Japan.

Megatron ATB: Was the G2 ATB Megatron really released? Yes, as a vendor's sample, of sorts. One was given away as a prize at Botcon. They turn up from time to time on ebay.

Megatron (Robot Mode) | Megatron (Jet Mode) | Starscream (Loose)

Note that, except for a sticker change on the large jet (where it says MeG24D) the unit itself is nearly identical to the Japanese Beastwars Starscream and BB. Of course, there IS the package to deal with, but frankly...do you really think a BOX makes a ten-dollar toy worth $2,100? God, I hope not.

BW Starscream and BB: Not much to say...those that enjoyed the colorscheme of the Megatron ATB were quick to snap up these beauties. Released in both Japanese and Korean packaging (the toy remained the same).

Armada Dreadwind with Smokejumper: Once again, we see a reissue of this mold. :-) This time as a Target-exclusive. Minor changes from the G2 molding include a tweak to the missles, and a notch on the launchers (covered in more detail in the Armada section).

Dreadwing (G2) vs Dreadwind (Armada) | Smokescreen vs Starscream vs Smokejumper

Robotmasters GigantBomb and Smokesniper: *Another* re-use of the mold, this time in the Robotmasters line (see Robotmasters for details). This time, the fistholes were filled in, the launchers got an extra notch, and the missles were remolded with grooves on both sides...