Variations: It's PRIME Time!

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It's PRIME Time!

Body By Nautilus; Brain By Mattel

The "Standard" Prime

Dark purplish-blue legs, fists with curved thumbs (no ridge on hole), trailer innards, outriggers, and roller. Trailer has stickers inside on walls. Standard gun has lines on back inside of handle, as does standard hosepump base. Missles are black, and have a thinner shaft, and thinner bulges at the tip than do the black G2 missles. Why is that important? To tell between the G2 moldings, which we talk about later on. This is the standard prime unit, for which we will compare all other variations against.

Patent for Optimus Prime

Standard Prime (Loose)

Of course, there are several possible variations even on the 'standard' Prime, dealing mostly with copyright stamping, as well as actual mold-changes to the cab (seperate from the major changes on the silver roller version, discussed below). That information is listed in the parts/accs changes later in the page. Other running-changes on the unit include the later introduction of fists with a thick ridge around them (to holdthe gun better, see also movie Prime). Conventional wisdom, at this time, suggests 4 standard Prime units (as described in the opening paragraph above) with minor changes spread across the run. These are to be counted seperate from the other units listed here, which came with their own particular mold changes (silver, blue, movie, Pepsi, etc).

The 'Gray Roller' Prime

Also thought of as one of the 'original', or 'Diaclone' Primes in some circles (as is the blue trailer; turns out they're both right). Unit comes with a gray roller, and gray missles. Instead of stickers on the inside, there are large metal plates affixed to the inside walls of the trailer. Easily seen from an outside pic of the trailer as well, as the molding of the sides was changed to allow the tabs to be made that hold these plates in. They appear as a set of 4 square holes; two above the sticker logo, and two below. The roller launcher on the trailer is gray as well (vs standard black). One last item on the trailer; the parts are not interchangeable with G1 Prime. :-) For example, if you snapped a trailer tab, and wanted to swap out an intact trailer bottom from standard Prime, it won't work. The molding is completely different in how the trailer sides attach and swivel with regards to the bottom. There are two versions of the trailer, identical in molding with the exception of the stamping on the hitchpin.

Plastic vs Metal Trailer, Side View

Inside View 1 | Inside View 2

This is also the unit most commonly associated with the bloated hosepump base, bloated nozzle, and bloated handgun. Some things that people really don't know, or seem to get: this unit came with bloated blue fists for prime, versus the standard purple-blue (regular or ridged). It's easy to tell; they are a lighter color, bigger, (bigger shaft to allow a tight fit in the cab lights, which we will talk about later) and the thumb points straight out versus curling in.

Regular vs Bloated Guns | Regular vs Bloated Fists

Compare the dark blue colors between this trailer unit, and the standard unit. Either through the use of different plastics, or an actual color change, the hues of each unit are slightly different. The gray unit's dark blue is slightly darker than standard prime. Also, the obvious date/logo stamping on the trailer, which will either say Takara, and/or have a large 'T' in the trailer hitch (versus the standard Hasbro/Takara date stamp, and numberings up to 5 depending on version).

Let's take a closer look at the cab: Again, you see darker colors. Also note that the chrome headlight pieces are molded slightly different; headlight holes are slightly larger; these accomodate the larger shaft of the bloated fists. Also, the chroming process used was different, which shows in the reflection of all the chrome pieces. Looking at the front of the cab, you will notice that the simulated holes in the front grill are of slightly different sizes between the units. Take a look at the smokestacks. In addition to being slightly thicker than standard Prime, look at the point where they connect to the arms. They're molded square, instead of round. Neeto, eh?

Square Peg vs Rounded Peg Smokestacks

Continuing our look at the cab, the color of the legs are the same "slightly darker blue" of the trailer. Stand the cab in robot mode. Notice how the one foot sits forward more than the right? A molding problem that was corrected later on, which is why all Primes since this one stand straight and tall. Looking at the head, we see a different screw holding in the head compared to the standard Prime. A smaller screw, and one that sits up farther in the shaft. Also, the yellow of the eyes is sprayed on a little more haphazardly, and a shade more faded than, the standard Prime eyes.

Somewhere, I have the image of the difference in grills, as well. Yes, there was a grill difference, too. :-) Seems like they tinkered with everything, huh? Now where did I put that scan...

(Note from Joebot: "The leg joint parts on a solid inner grill bar G1 Prime are different from the "normal" split version. That is why almost all the original units are stripped out. It seems the teeth were a little bit too thin and angled too aggressive, so they would strip out instead of forcing the leg outward to the next position. Plus, the forearm arm holder peg tolerances are different. An original (or Diaclone) forearm won't match up properly to a second release fenderwell.")

Overall, this was the most radically altered of the Primes. If you want to complete a proper one, you have to pay attention to all the small details, lest you end up with standard Prime pieces mixed in. :-)

The 'Blue' G1 Prime

The main difference from the 'standard' Prime is the change in color on the trailer innards and the Roller. They are a light blue, lighter in color than the G2 blue (same color as one of the Pre-Tf trailers, but different molding). It appears to come with standard (non-bloated) accessories. Accept no substitutes! Some people try to "create" a blue G1 Prime by using G2 parts. It cannot be done without leaving a trace, most notably in the stickers on the outside of the trailer, which would have been poked or peeled back to allow someone to unscrew the inner trailer parts. If you have the correct trailer, it's easy to make sure you have the correct Roller; it will be the same blue color as the trailer innards. So don't let someone try to scam you with the G2 blue Roller.

Comparison of Rollers (5), G1 and G2

There are two unconfirmed rumors regarding this unit; some people claim that a few of these blue units came with bloated accs (similar to the grey roller Prime, above) while others claim that the cab innards (the seats) are light blue like the trailer parts. Now I'll grant you, it would seem to make sense, considering the color of the bloated fists matches fairly well with the light color of the trailer, but...:-) I have yet to see any original units come like this. The untampered ones I've seen all seem to have standard accs, and standard (dark blue/purple, like the legs) cab innards. Best guess? That parts have been swapped out on the secondary market to create these (but it's always open for debate, like most things in life. :-)

The Supercharged-Roller Prime

This is not a Diaclone; nor is this the fake. This is a real Prime trailer, with a 'supercharged' Roller launcher.

This trailer has caused quite an uproar for fans of the Prime mold, as it isn't a mold that is commonly seen. It was difficult to place it in the american section initially, as there were so few to go around. The trailer comes in two types: metal-plated, and paper-sided (similar to the difference between the gray Roller and standard versions). Type 2, excepting the color, seems identical in-mold to the photoshoot Prime, seen in the very-first TF catalogs, the Type 1 is similar (some say identical) to the VSX trailer in Japan.

Type 1: Metal Plated
Type 2: Paper Sided

For tons more info on these trailer, including detailed pics of both types, click here! There was so much, we simply *had* to give it a seperate page :-) Well, what did you expect? Chopped liver?

The 'Pepsi' Prime

Same as the standard G1 Prime, but it came with a pack of Pepsi stickers. Yeah, that's pretty much it. You can tell a loose Pepsi prime trailer by the small Pepsi stickers on it. :-) Hehe. The Canadian version of this has the Pepsi logo all the way across the trailer, completely replacing the standard logo. Of course, that's not an American variant, so I won't mention it here, no matter how cool I think it was. :-)

Boxed 1 | Boxed 2 | Boxed 3

Movie Prime
Considered a 'standard' Prime by most. As mentioned in the parts/accessories section, this particular version of Prime has a '5' stamped in the trailer-hole, and comes with extreme-ridged fists, to better hold the gun. Given as a promo in some theatres, while others had to mail in their ticket stub to get it. Unit came in a standard white box, with certificate.

G2 Prime Purple, and G2 Prime Blue

Yay! They re-released the original Optimus Prime, in his original mold...or did they? As always, the engineers were hard at work making slight changes to annoy the masses. The obvious differences were the colors, of course. We had the legs of prime and the trailer innards in a nice blue color (darker than G1 blue) as well as a dark purple color. Compared to each other, molding was identical; just a color change. (Well, that technically is a fib; Zob states that "I've been examining my G1 Prime cab, G2 Prime cab, and Magnus cabs. It seems the G2 Prime does not have the ratcheting knees of the other two toys; you can see the slit in the plastic going up the upper legs in the other two toys where the upper legs wrap around the knee tab. The slits are there so the plastic can bend slightly when the ratcheting joint does its click-click business. G2 Prime's got no slits.") The color change applied across the board, from cab legs, head, seats and fists, to trailer innards and outriggings. Compared to G1 Prime, though...

For starters, they added a cool voicebox, and equipped it with two missle launchers (that Prime can hold, in lieu of his gun) that fired large red missles. Further, Zobovor states, "You also didn't mention that the G2 Prime's head isn't screwed on at all--it's glued in place. (Which means you can't just break his neck-tab to give him some head articulation, darnit!)"

Take a close look at the black missles. Remember way back at the top that I told you to take notice of the slightly larger shaft? They fit tightly in the G2 trailer launcher, and too tightly in a G1 trailer. They changed the molding. By the same token, G1 missles don't stay in the G2 trailer launchers at all; they just fall out. So contrary to popular belief, they are NOT interchangeable. Also, look at the hosepump base, and the the gun...ALSO a thicker shaft!

The 4 Colors of Prime: G1, G2 Purple, G2-Blue, Reissue

There were three other 'G2 Primes' released in the line, but not of the same mold: Hero Prime (Sureshot), a small articulated figure that fired plastic missles; Gobot Prime, a small red ferrari (mentioned in the Autobot section of the site along with his other variants) and our favorite, Laser Optimus Prime (also known as Optimus Octane, remade as Scourge in the RID line).

TRU Reissue Prime

Yay! A reissued Prime in G1 colors. :-) First reissued in Japan (see Primes around the World section) he came over to the states as his good old self. A blend of G1 and G2 moldings, major changes include the shortened smokestacks, as well as extended-shaft missles (easy to tell these apart from G1 and G2). :-) Unit also comes with a silver roller (not gray, and note that the trailer is standard, not metal-plated).

Interesting details: The trailer is the easiest to open of all the Primes. Door swings open smoothest. Stamping on the bottom indicates the use of the G2 mold, though they obviously tweaked it so the parts match up better. The holes on the launchers are slotted instead of round, to hold the modified missles. The hosepump base and nozzle are seemingly made to G2 standards (in terms of mold-indents, shaft-size, and smoothness). The cab has unslotted, non-ratcheting legs...and has, of all things, a rubsign INDENT on the headplate. :-) Overall fluid transform, and smooth (not loose) ratching in the arms. Note that the silver Roller is painted, not molded. This should (hopefully) keep people from trying to swap Rollers between the reissue and metal trailers.

One interesting thing to pop up on ebay recently was an all-clear Prime. We're waiting to see if this is a test-shot, a 'lunchtime special', or a possible future release. Why is it listed here? Find out!

Spychanger Prime

Normally, this wouldn't get a listing here, but it's obviously meant to be the G2 Lazer Prime...or in this case, a mini-version of it. Released in the Armada line, this toy is a recolor from the mini-Scourge from RID (Scourge himself being a recolor of the G2 Lazer Prime as well...).


Prime Parts and Accessory Changes

Prime Accessories | Prime Parts | Prime Trailers

Prime Accessories

The best way to tell the difference between G1 and G2 accessories, other than shaft size? No lines! Remember when I said that most G1 units had lines on them? G2 doesn't. Although the accessories are somewhat interchangeable, they are not identical. There is a difference. And if you are a purist, you will accept no substitutes. :-) Although, considering that G2 and reissue guns, nozzles, and hosepump bases are nearly identical, you could swap them out, and no one would be the wiser. ;-) Just don't try to do it between either of those two and a G1 unit. You will be busted. :-)

Oh, and for those of you that keep trying to claim that the little chrome guy is an accessory to Prime's trailer: Knock it off. :-) That was a Starriors pilot figure. Trust me on this. :-) I built an entire website just to prove the point. Hehe.

Nozzles: Trying to tell the nozzles apart? There are currently (the way I count them, anyway) four types of nozzles for Optimus Prime:

Type 1: G1 bloated (for silver roller), bloated tip.
Type 2: G1 regular, 2 circles on nozzle shaft.
Type 3: G1 regular, smooth shaft.
Type 4: G2 (and reissue), smooth shaft, alternate injection points, thick tip.

Prime Hosepumps (Lined, Unlined, Bloated) | Prime Guns (G1 vs G2)

Prime Nozzles (Types 1 Through 4)

There's some concern about the fit of the nozzles on the hoses. My experience, so far, is that the large-diamer holes on the back of the nozzles are G2, while thin-diameter holes go to G1. But who's to say that's right? Well, me, so far. :-) Hehe. If you're really worried, just go by the above pic. If you look at the nozzles, The tips on G1 are thinner than on G2. Use that for your guide, if you prefer. Or, for another look at nozzles, RMT's guide is a good source.

Hoses: We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that the hoses between G1, G2, and reissue were different. G1 is smaller in diameter and shorter (about 5 inches), while G2 is longer and thicker (about 6 inches). (Most people prefer the G2 hose...hehe.) :-) The reissue hose is made of softer plastic, is 5 inches in length like the G1, but is thicker-diameter like the G2.

Prime Hoses, G1 vs G2 (5 Inches vs 6 Inches)

As for the possibility of hollow-hoses, in the words of Meteor: "I've seen other sites that claim that solid and hollow hoses came with all variations of Prime." We're never one to discount anything, folks, but my personal opinion is that someone slipped in some GI Joe hoses with their loose Primes. There's a PILE of them out there. They will fit...and they are hollow. Many people have weighed in that they believe this is what happened also. Mystery solved? Probably. :-)

Prime Fists: There are a number of changes mentioned in other sections, such as smooth fist top versus extreme-ridged top. Here's a look at two seemingly standard fists. "One has lines across the thumb, and the other one is plain. the mark in the middle of the palm is the number 4. The first difference is the position of the molding marks (where they were torn from the plastic frame they were molded on) both have one on the peg, and on the middle finger. however, the one on the bottom of the blank one is close to the front end, while the lined fist has a mark closer to the wrist." I'm pretty much of the opinion that there are 3 basic fist types (bloated, standard-1, standard-2, standard-3 [ridged]) for G1...unless you count number-stampings. :-) Then there's a few more. RMT has a guide detailing the numberings on some of the fists. The reissue fist, like reissue convoy fist, has an extreme-ridge running around the gun-post hole (like movie-prime trailer). However, the peg going into the cab-lights is a rounded-peg, versus the standard flat one found on all other fist-types.

Standard Prime Fists, Lined vs Unlined Thumbs | Standard Prime Fists, Ridged vs Unridged

Standard vs Reissue Prime Fists

Prime Missles: As mentioned at the top of thepage, there are molding differences between G1 and G2 missles. G1 has a thinner-diameter shaft and stop-ring. G2 is thicker all-around. This makes the missles unable to be swapped properly between G1 and G2 units; you can tell by sight, as well as how they fit (or do NOT fit) in the launchers. The reissue missle won't be confused with either G1 or G2, as it's a few inches longer than both of them, and slotted on the tip.

Prime Missles: G1, G2, Reissue

Prime Parts

Most of the cab parts are not interchangeable between versions. We made mention of this in the silver-roller section on the differences between that cab and the standard cab; however there are some differences between standard cabs as well. These changes can be seen as gradual from one version to the other (presumably bridging 4 different distinct changes), or can be seen as seperate changes between different molds. You're welcome to believe either theory. I just work here. ;-)

For starters, Prime legs: slotted vs smooth. You'll see this change on a few Magnus cabs as well. This change carries over to the feet, where you will see a notched vs smooth foot. Note also the size of the mounting ring, as well as the difference in the ring itself (small vs large, geared vs smooth). Also of note is the difference in the gas tanks on the unit; small and ridged vs large and smooth. This refers to the shape of the part that inserts into the leg (so obviously, the leg-holes are of different diameter as well).

Something else about the legs? On the inside of the chrome upper leg, there is, for G1: an 'X'-pattern support beam. For G2, there is nothing. For reissue, there is a straight bar down the middle. And yes, God-forbid, we documented the paint-changes as well. :-) There are three-different red paints used on the cab. 2 for G1.

We've talked about the G1 smokestack change (Square vs Slotted-Mount) previously. Comparing G1 and G2 to the reissue, you will note the extreme cut they made to the top-half, presumably for ramped-up safety standards (a policy-change which occurred AFTER 93?). It's odd, but makes telling the cabs apart easier. :-) Also of interest is the different look of the wheelhubs on the reissue: G1 and G2 have an exposed pin on the front wheels, and a smooth rivet on the back wheels. On the reissue, the front wheels are capped off, while the back wheels have a 5-pt indented hub.

Prime Legs | Prime Feet | Prime Stacks | Prime Wheels

Gas Tanks, Inside View | Gastanks, Side View

Prime Cab Paints (Three Types) | Prime Seats (2 Types)

Prime Trailers

Thanks to Particle, who contributed most of this section: "2 metal trailers, the blue trailer, super-charged trailer, and 4 (so far anyway) standard trailers, and some doors." (Editor's Note: Plus the G2 trailers, the reissue one, the super-charged one...) I'll try to list them in the order I think they were released.

The biggest distinguishing features of the trailers are the letters/numbers (or lack thereof) inscribed in the hitchpin hole, and the copyright. Other mold changes that have more definite cutoffs are as follows:

-Cutout holes right above the outriggers. They're small and have rounded edges on the metal trailers, but large and with squared edges on all the standard trailers, including the blue trailer.

-Outrigger stop pegs. They're more pointed on the metal trailers, rounded/flatter with a line on the blue trailer (leading me to think that the blue trailer is transitional between the metal and the standard), and rounded with no line on all the other standard trailers...except the movie trailer (see below). Arrgh!

-Imprinted circles on the grey, on either side of the black center piece. On all of the trailers I have, there are two large circles on top, and two small circles on the bottom, except for the movie trailer (see below).

And now on to the rest...

optimusprime-trailers-metal-bothc.jpg - Aside from the instruction manual version, I believe this is the first release, and it has Takara in small print and years on the next line. Nothing in the hitchpin hole.

optimusprime-trailers-metal-onec.jpg - This is the transitional unit between metal and blue. It has nothing in the hitchpin hole, but it has "TAKARA" and then "Japan" on the next line in large type.

optimusprime-trailers-blue.jpg - Here's where things start transitioning further. It has the same "TAKARA" and "Japan" of the transitional metal trailer, but it also has a "T" in the hitchpin hole as well as the standard holes above the outriggers and transitional outrigger stop pegs.

optimusprime-trailers-supercharged.jpg - The copyright dates on the bottom are: TAKARA CO., LTD JAPAN 1980, 1982. Has unstopped roller-launcher, same as the VSX trailer in Japan. More...

optimusprime-trailers-standard-t.jpg - Things get a little fuzzy here...the standard "T" trailer has transitional outrigger stop pegs, but it has both a Hasbro and a Takara copyright. This is wierd because...

optimusprime-trailers-standard-t2.jpg - Presumably there's a T1, but this is what I have that's probably next in line. T2 in the hitchpin hole, but it has a _Takara only copyright_ (but a brand new Takara copyright, with both years and Japanese writing), and the full standard outrigger stop pegs. This would be the first instance I know of of reverting back to a Takara only copyright.

optimusprime-trailers-standard-T4.jpg - And the plot thicks further...T4 in the hitchpin hole, but again Takara only copyright (and the same one as the T2 trailer). Perhaps the two (and presumably T1 and T3, if they exist) were concurrent production with the T?

optimusprime-trailers-movie.jpg - The movie trailer, which in some ways seems to be based off the blue trailer and in others is just wierd (and I know this is the movie/mailaway trailer because that's how I bought it, in a never touched/just opened for inspection movie box). It has a "5" in the hitchpin hole, transitional (lined) outrigger stop pegs, and 4 side indent circles all the same size as previously mentioned. (Editor's Note: I also see a 5 stamped into the inside of the main panel flaps as well).

optimusprime-trailers-g2-purple.jpg - T2 in the hitchpin hole, stamped Hasbro-only, 1992 China. (Note: Production shifted from Japan, to Macau, to China for TFs. See the stampings page for more info.) Smooth outrigger-tabs, on this one a '3' stamped on the panelsand the trailer door.


optimusprime-trailers-reissue.jpg - Stamping indicates a G2 mold (92 Hasbro) but the trailer is easier to open. In addition, the missle launchers are slotted, not round (just like reissue magnus) so that it holds only the slotted reissue missles. There is a TINY '1' stamped into the trailer hitchpin hole (although the cab parts, and the trailer door are stamped 5, interestingly enough).

Trailer Doors 1 | Trailer Doors 2

All the doors I could find, although I don't know which yet goes to which with one exception, the door with the 3 cirlces on the left and right of the ramp side goes with the movie trailer. And there you go, as best I can determine. I did see a trailer with a "4" at Botcon, and I still need to inspect my G2 Prime (and a reissue if I can ever get my hands on one) :) ."

(Editor's Note: Reissue trailer door has a 5 stamping on it, and 3 large mold-indents on it (per side, total of 6) trailer door has a small, hidden 5 stamped in a corner, and 6 small indents. One wonders if if was the movie trailer Prime molding that was tweaked for G2, and then the G2 mold tweaked for the reissue). Speaking of G2 doors, the purple-one has 6 equally-spaced medium indents, and is stamped 3.

Powermaster Prime

Okay, I'm tired of talking about Prime, but we have to keep going since I left out the details about the Powermaster Prime 2-piece grill/bumper assembly...

Basically, we have one version where the bumper/headlights piece are a screw-on affair, while another version has the bumper/headlights molded as one piece onto the unit. These were both American releases, NOT off of the Japanese Ginrai, as one person suggested. (Easy to tell by the lack of chrome, etc.) Also, it should be noted that the blue plastic of the legs, and on the trailer, was different between the two releases.

Light vs Dark Cab (Removable vs Solid Bumper) | Removable Bumper, Front View

Prime Cab, w/Screw | Prime Cab, w/Out Screw

Just so you don't think that was the only change. :-) It appears that the gun molds were altered between these versions as well. We're looking at a single line, smooth barrel, versus a double-line, ridged barrel:

Powermaster Prime Guns, Smooth vs Ridged | Prime Styro | Prime Box

Reissue Powermaster Prime

Oh, what a beautiful thing. :-) When Powermaster Prime was first issued in the USA, we got...a hacked-out version of the Japanese Ginrai. However, for the American reissue...we get the full-monty. :-) The unit is just about identical to the reissue Ginrai from Japan (barring a change in the missles for the us-market). Features include retractable fists on the trailer, a diecast cab (look closely, and you'll see the source for the grill change on the original American version) and losts of chrome. Instead of gray plastic, the unit comes in silver plastic. Oh, and...this time, we got Godbomber (again, because of the us-market, the names had to be changed...he's the Apex Bomber here). Also odd is the name change on the partner...instead of calling him H1Q, he's now called...Ginrai. :-) I love revised tech specs. And I love that the Japanese and American continuity is getting blurred together with this toy. (See Also: Comparison of original PM Prime vs original Ginrai.)

20th Anniversary Masterpiece Prime

This *needs* to be mentioned here, because it's the greatest Prime made in 20 years. A definate homage to the character that inspired it all. Die cast metal, working shocks, complex transformation...this Prime has it all. It''s a perfect way to end the section on Optimus Prime. He may not be the same mold as the bulk of them, but he's definately the same character. Therefore, he will be immortalized here.

Now that I have that out of my system. :-) Prime has a few variants. In the USA, he comes with either a grey rifle (like Takara MP Convoy) or with a black one. In addition, random 'damage' spots appear on the figure to denote that worn look (the Takara one was pristine). Finally, as is common with USA Prime reissues, the smokestacks were made smaller.

20th Prime Gun Variants | Prime Smokestacks | Fun with Prime

Primes Around the World

Have a look at everyone's favorite transformer character (well ok, MY favorite) as he's appeared around the world...

Pre-TF Prime (Japan): Called Diaclone Battle Convoy. The mold that started it all. More...

Prime in America: 4 standard versions, 2 gray versions, blue version, 2 super-charged versions, Pepsi version, Movie version, 2 G2 versions, reissue version. Basically, we have 14 versions of the original Prime mold (so far, not counting the Action Master version).

Powermaster Prime in America: 3 of them; 2 piece grill, 1 piece grill, and reissue.

Masterpiece Prime in America: Reissue of MP Convoy from Japan; smaller smokestacks, battle-damage paint.

Prime in Canada: Full Pepsi logo on trailer. (Pepsi Prime only) (Pic)

Prime in Italy: Standard GiG TraSformer. (Pic) But wait! There's more! Elvin shows us that later versions of Italian Gig Prime were more like Magnus! Plastic wheels, feet, and more! More...

Prime in France: Pre-TF, Diaclone 'Joustra' Convoy (standard Prime trailer, but Diaclone stickers) More...

Prime in France (2): 'Made in France' stamping, near black trailer outrigs/cab legs and seats/accessories.

Prime In Mexico: Lighter blue, red eyes, duller red front, missing silver stickers. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)

Prime in UK (Netherlands and France, too): Red feet. There's also an unconfirmed G2 version.

Prime in UK (2): Classics Prime, gold box (both regular Classics and Spanish version). More 1... | More 2...

Prime in Japan: Pre-TF, called Diaclone Battle Convoy. The mold that started it all. More...

Prime in Japan (3): Same as standard USA Version. (Pic)

Prime in Japan (4): VSX set (different trailer). More...

Prime in Japan (6): Goodbye Convoy Giftset. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)

Prime in Japan (7): Like PM Prime, called Ginrai (but not considered Convoy). More...

Prime in Japan (8): Star Convoy (Pic 1 | Pic 2)

Prime in Japan (9): TF Junior Convoy; smaller version of Prime, came individually or in a Giftset and had a cardboard trailer. (Pic) More...

G2 Lazer Prime in Japan: No differences, just has cooler-looking box art.

G2 Gobot Prime in Japan: Painted 'T' on hood (compared to blank hood in US). (Pic)

Prime in Korea: Stamped Hasbro International, but presumed to be a knock-off (Pic), especially considering it apes this knockoff from Taiwan. (Pic)

G2 Prime in Korea: Double-sized! Presumed to be a knockoff as well.

*Note: See the Korean section of the site for details.

G2 Prime in Europe: Sureshot (Hero Prime in USA) has blank chest stickers. (Pic)

Reissue Convoy in Japan: Many people have wanted info on how this unit compares to the regular units. In Ginrai's own words: "Some Notes: The hose on the reissue is solid, not hollow. The copyright on the reissue trailer is 1993...G2 mold it appears. The G1 hands do not fit into the reissue's arm's too tight. So it's a fair bet all the peg holes in the reissue are made to G2 standards." More...

Reissue Convoy in Japan (2): Black cab/trailer. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)

Reissue Convoy in Japan (3): New Years Prime, comes with am Prime figure, mousepad, and Matrix accessory, as well as a bloated gun. Referred to as 'New Years' Convoy. Eyes are painted blue. (Pic 1 | Pic 2)

Reissue Convoy in Japan (4): Prize version, Gold hubs and smokestacks. (Pic)

Reissue Convoy in Japan (5): Ginrai/Godbomber Giftset

Reissue Convoy in Japan (6): Black Ginrai

Reissue Convoy in Japan (7): Orange Ginrai

*Ginrai shares mold traits with PM Prime, but is not considered to be the same 'character'.

Reissue Convoy in Japan (8): Dreamwave Box

Choro-Q Prime: Super-deformed, cute, and has variants. :-) More...

Smallest TFs Prime: Really small, actual toys (not models) and they transform! (Pic) More...

Masterpiece Convoy: 20th Anniversary Prime in Japan. Has longer smokestacks, and no battle damage.

Robot Masters Prime: Like TF Juniors, this is a tiny version of Masterpiece Convoy. (Pic) Came in both red and metallic versions More...

Hybrid Convoy: Bigger that WST, smaller than G1, hyper-articulated.

Question: Why arent any of the OTHER Primes mentioned on the Prime page?

Answer: Um...WHAT other Primes? Anything with 'Primal' in it is BW/BM, and is covered in their respective sections (along with their, in some people's opinion, they are not considered to be the 'true' Prime character in the USA). RID Prime is considered to exist in some parallel dimension, according to fans, and thus not the 'real' Prime either. Armada/Energon/Cybertron Prime? Same problem. :-) I've heard one interesting theory that anything voiced by Gary Chalk will somehow be tied in to each other. Which would imply that somehow these all exist in their own dimension, seperate from the classic G1 universe. Must have been all the transwarping that screwed things up for them. :-) We'll have to see what transpires.

Now, for the Japanese series...Ginrai is not considered Optimus Prime in its respective Japanese series (although it DOES look like him, and IS called Convoy, oddly enough). I include him with a disclaimer, and only because there's PM prime variants. :-) As for any others...well, if I don't have them listed, drop me a line!

Oh, and just so you don't think we're EVER going to be finished. :-) If you would like to have a look at some MORE differences in the Prime-type mold, specifically to see what they changed when recycling parts for another toy, check out the Ultra Magnus page.