Diaclone, Diakron, Dorvalk, Kronoform, Microman, knockoffs...there were many names, many companies involved with producing the ancestors to the Transformers. They all fall under the title of, 'Pre-Tf'. Most people generically place all non-traditional Transformers under the title of Diaclone...hopefully, information found here will help folks to differentiate between the assorted lines. More...

This is not to be confused with concurrently-produced variations on Transformers in other countries, which are covered in the Japanese/European section of this site. This section deals specifically with the 'ancestors' of the Transformers. There is also a section on this site devoted to telling the Pre-TFs from the regular Hasbro line via their mold stampings. We have it all!

One item of note: Diaclone/Microman TFs are normally associated only with Japan. They were released in Italy under the GiG name, and in France under the Joustra name. As far as variations go, the toys are functionally identical to the Japanese ones. For those that aren't, whether Pre-TF or regular-issue, they will be covered in their respective French and Italian pages.



Who Invented the First Transformer?
A look at where the original transforming robot came from. You'd be surprised...many folks argue, but these two agree...

The Release Order for the Pre-Autobot Cars, and The Complete List of Pre-Tfs
Find out who came out before whom. :-) All the Microman, Diaclone, etc, when they were released, and how many yen they would have cost you. :-)

Pre-Tf Giftset Listing
A comparison between what was released before...and what was released after. :-)

Finnish, Italian and French Pre-TFs
See what happens when you get additional countries involved!?

Diaclone vs Diakron, Trans vs TraS, and The many Theories of Overstock
So if they're the same toys, what's the difference?

Diaclone Campaign and Diaclone Drivers Archive
A Devvi article on the rarest of the rare Pre-TF items, and a listing of what pilot came with what Pre-TF...



Browning and Train Robo
Two Pre-TFs who also fit another variant catagory...

Megatron and Gunrobo
Because just one Pre-TF gun is not nearly enough...

Skids vs Honda-City, and Wrecker vs Hoist, and Grapple vs Inferno
There's too-much information...too-much...aeiiii!!

Real vs Fake Cassetteman, Pre-Minibot Rampage, and Marlboor Wheeljack
A little something to help tell them apart...

Ligier vs Citianes, Ironhide vs Vanette, and Hound vs J59 Jeep
Why is Mirage called two different things? And why is black Ironhide still called a cherry vanette?

Bluestreak vs Bluestreak, and Jazz vs Porsche 935 Turbo
'Bluestreaks Around the World', and doin' it with style. Gotta love them.

Jumpstarters, Cassettes, and Powerdashers
From Diaclone to TraSformer, from Takara to Antex. Have a look!

Pre-Insects, Dinosaur Robo, and Pre-Deluxe Autobots !
Find out where non-Diaclone and Microman Pre-TFs came from.

Pre-Devastator, Battle Convoy, and Powered Convoy
Not only the first versions, but the variants on the first versions, too.



Have a look at these: All come with Fred's Seal of Obsessed-Approval. :-)

The Japanese Diaclone Net
Hope you can read in a foriegn language. :-) Very little English, but the pictures are incredible! See all the versions of Jazz together, for example (including TM Stepper). NOTE: You can go here to convert the Japanese site to English, or any other language of your choice. :-)

The Toy Archive
The Diaclone section, bookmarked for your viewing pleasure.

Microman Forever!
Microman legacy continues to live on in the Transformers toys line. Have a look at the story, 'before'.

cROC.net and Adventures of Car Robot
Funniest. Sites. Ever. Policepolice!



Mike's Collection
I am actually jealous. Look at all these neat cars!

mattingaz's collection
I don't know how guys find the money to amass such great collections...

Diaclone catalog
See some pre-tfs original artwork