Diaclone Driver Identification Archive

by Devvi


When we're talking Diaclone, sooner or later we'll be talking about the small humanoid figures that accompanied the Japanese releases of the Diaclone toys, the so called Diaclone drivers. The Diaclone toys were, and still are, a big success for Takara and the toys paved the way for the even more successful Transformers toyline. It is no surprise that the Diaclone toys are very popular amongst collectors today.

One major feature of the Diaclone toys, a feature that was dropped for Transformers, were the Diaclone driver figures. Small figures with magnetic feet that fit perfectly in the small compartements that were present in many of the Diaclone toys. Unlike Transformers, the Diaclone mecha were not supposed to be sentient robots. The robots were driven by humans and the evil Waruder aliens.

On the current collectors market, a Diaclone toy that still has its original Diaclone driver figure is worth a reasonable amount more than one without it. One problem however, is that many Diaclone toys on the secundary market today come with an incorrect driver.

The list

Even though not everyone cares to have the correct driver for their Diaclone toy, I thought it would be nice to know which driver came with which toy. I hope to identify every Diaclone driver out there. My current list of course, is work in progress...

This list is driver oriented instead of toy oriented. Most drivers came with various toys and some toys came with multiple drivers. I list the driver only once followed by a list of toys that came with this driver. Foreign releases sometimes came with different drivers for the same toy. There are different types of Diaclone drivers, I've named them Type 1, Type 2 etc., this is not an official notation, just what I came up with.

Don't forget to read the additional notes on the bottom and if you can help me out with pictures, comments etc, please let me know.

Type 1 Drivers

Liger JS11 (Mirage), Fairlady Z racing type (Smokescreen), Fairlady Z blue, and black-hooded (Bluestreak).


Dinosaur Robo 3 (Sludge), Trainrobo 5, and Double Soldier.


Powered Convoy (Ultra Magnus), Battle Convoy (Optimus Prime), Fortress Robot X, and Great Robot Base.


Battle Convoy (Optimus Prime), Fortress Robot X, and Great Robot Base.


Battle Convoy (Optimus Prime), Fortress Robot X, and Great Robot Base.


Onebox Cherry Vanette (Ironhide) and Gats-Blocker.


Fairlady Z Police Car (Prowl), New Countach LP500S Police Car (Police Sunstreaker), and Double Soldier.


Trainrobo 6, Trainrobo 12, F1 Dasher, and Battle Buffalo.


Dinosaur Robo 1 (Grimlock), Trainrobo 3, Trainrobo 11, Hi-lux Wrecker (Hoist), Hi-lux "regular" (Trailbreaker), and Powered Suits.




Countach LP-500S Super Tuning (Sunstreaker).


Trainrobo 4, Trainrobo 10, and Battle Buffalo, Drill Dasher.


Trainrobo 2, Trainrobo 8, Sky Dasher (Japanese), and Battle Buffalo.


Trainrobo 1 and Trainrobo 7.


Honda City (Skids) and Gats-Blocker (individual box).


J59 Jeep (Hound) and Sky Base.


Onebox Ambulance type (Ratchet), Skybase, and Gats-Blocker.


Twin Combat, Double Soldier, and Gats-Blocker.


Fortress Robot X and Great Robot Base.


Skybase and Gats-Blocker.





Type 2 Drivers

A variation exists for this type of driver which you can see in this picture. The variation is minor, the head is slighly different and so is the waist. One of these drivers is from Japan, while the other is from the Diakron line.


New Countach LP500S Police Car (Police Sideswipe), Diakron Multiforce 14 and Kronoform Cheton (Cheetah change attacker Kronoform version).


Onebox (Change Attacker), Dinosaur Robo 2 (Slag), Jetrobo Acrobat Jet (Thundercracker), Porsche 935 Turbo Jazz), Sky Dasher (Italian), Diakron Multiforce 14, and Kronoform Togor.


Lamborghini Cheetah (Change Attacker), Lancia Stratos Turbo (Marlboor) (Wheeljack), Fire Truck (Inferno), Truck Crane (Grapple) and Diakron Multiforce 14.


Stallion (Change Attacker), Dinosaur Robo 4 (Snarl), F1 Dasher (Italian), and Diakron Multiforce 14.


Dinosaur Robo 5 (Swoop), Jetrobo Fighter Jet (Starscream), Corvette Stingray (Tracks), New Countach LP500S (Red and Yellow) (Sideswipe), Drill Dasher (Italian), Kronoform Turbtoron (Stallion Change Attacker Kronoform Version), and Kronoform Togor.

Type 3 Drivers



Type 4 Drivers

A variation exists for this type, one variant has "closed feet" where the magnets are placed inside the plastic, the second has "open feet" where the magnets are placed under the legs.


Walk-Insecter 1.



Type 5 Drivers




Type 6 Drivers








Great Robot Base.


Great Robot Base.


Great Robot Base.


Great Robot Base.


Great Robot Base.





Type 7 Drivers

The hard to find 7th driver was supposedly only available in the first run of the Dashers.

Additional Notes

  • The Diaclone Raiden giftset came with two Type 1 drivers. (These came in random colors? Need confirmation.)
  • Trainrobo 4, 6, 10, and 12 driver on box does not match actual driver.
  • The Diaclone Insecticon giftset did not come with drivers (need confirmation).
  • Great Robot Base came with either Type 1 or Type 6 drivers.
  • Pictures Missing Or Toys Unknown So Far

  • Diaclone Insecticons (need confirmation of the color drivers and types).
  • Walk-Insecter 2 (Type 5, red limbs).
  • Great Robot Base (Type 1, black body/black limbs).
  • Fortress Robot X (Type 1, black body/black limbs).
  • Dia-attacker (Type 6, blue body/red limbs).
  • Dia-Battles (Ttype 6, blue body/white limbs, red body/blue limbs, white body/green limbs).
  • Dia-train (Ttype 6, red body/blue limbs).
  • Cosmoroller (Ttype 6, yellow body/blue limbs, red body/black limbs).
  • Powered Suits (Ttype 1 green body/blue limbs, green body/red limbs).
  • Big Powered, need confirmation on color and type.
  • Bases (Type 6, yellow body/black legs, blue body/yellow legs, black body/red legs, red body/blue legs).
  • Kronoform Multiforce (Type 2, need confirmation of colors).
  • Gig Gats-Blocker, (need confirmation of color and types).
  • Gats-Blocker individual box, (Type 1, blue body/red limbs, yellow body/blue limbs).
  • Fake Diaclone Drivers