Red Tracks

Originally a Diaclone, released in both Japan and Italy. Recently reissued by Takara as a female character. Yee-hah!

"My Red Tracks has no Hasbro copyrights but it has a rubsign...and I got him from the states...which one do I have?"

The rubsign and the TF stickers suggest it's the MB TF version. The Japanese Diaclone Stingray just says "TAKARA JAPAN". No dates. The TraSformer Pre-TF Stingray will have the same copyright with dates as above. The way you tell them apart is the accessories or the presence of a rubsign and the stickers.

See those stickers your TF Tracks has on its wings? There is a square. Well on the Diaclone/TraSformer version, instead of a square there is a "D" for "Diaclone", and also on the hood of your Tracks there is an Autobot insignia in the flames. Diaclone/TraSfomer says "CS" for "Corvette Stingray".

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Also, the Japanese version has an extra long handgun which means it cannot be held by Tracks facing totally forwards. The TraSformer and TF Tracks have the regular shortened gun.

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