Black Tracks

There was a time when Fumihiko's Black Tracks was the only one in-existence. Speculation ran rampant. Some say it was a gift from the it a test-shot, a special prize only for him, who can say for sure. :-) Now, information has surfaced that it was another variant from Finland. (See: Finnish Variants)

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Of course, that's not the end of Black Tracks. He's now being mass-produced. Sort-of. There was a magazine contest that awarded 300 of them as a limited-prize to winners. Then, of course, ebay had roughly...14 Black Tracks that slipped out the back-door of the factory. ;-) Make of that what you will...

In the end, you can make of it what you will. It's entirely possible that someone took a Black Tracks, took the back off, swapped it with a diaclone Tracks (to get the vintage takara copystamp) and put on (and wore down) all the associated stickers. Anything is possible. But what about the color? Or the acc colors, and what about the molding changes? Can that be faked too? I dunno. You decide. :-)