Dude. There is no Super God Ginrai.

Regular cab/robot is Ginrai. (Well, so is the human.)

Cab + trailer/robot is Super Ginrai.

Super Ginrai + Godbomber is God Ginrai.

Now that we're clear on that, versions.

The regular Super Ginrai and Godbomber sold separately toy is almost the same as the giftset one. The giftset one has warheads molded into the chest where the regular one does not.

The American version is WAY different...it sucks, in fact. Here's the differences:

First: Human Ginrai has chrome on his back/the front of the engine has chrome on it, unlike Hi-Q.

Second: Ginrai has a metal cab, and a LOT more heft than regular Optimus Prime does. In fact, Ginrai (w/out the trailer, just the cab) weighs more than original Optimus Prime/Convoy does.

Third: The truck side windows (not the robot side) are transparent (dark) blue. You can't see through them TOO well, can much better on the black long piston knock-off.

Fourth: The part where you seat human Ginrai, when attaching the engine for the Godmaster doodad, for transforming? The sides of it are painted red so that it looks like a real truck grill instead of funky like on PM OP. Also, the Godmaster bay thing that holds human Ginrai/the engine seems to be redesigned because it's MUCH more effective than on PM Prime.

Fifth: Robot Ginrai's thighs are painted silver. Also inner thighs and on the outside.

Sixth: The cab has chromed smokestacks that are SHORTER than USA PM OP's and the bumper and lights are a seperate piece. The lights and bumper are also chromed. The part between the bumper and lights that is receeded some is also part of that seperate chromed unit. They're not just chromed with paint, though, it's actually a chunk of chrome plastic. Oh, the head joint on the cab is VERY VERY tight. I suspect the mechanism is slightly different than on PM OP.

The Trailer: Everywhere that is light grey on PM Optimus is dark grey and a thicker plastic, the same plastic that's used for the grey on Godbomber. TOTALLY different. Even the back flap/roof flap is like this. Now what surprised me a lot is that the grey double-barrelled guns are the same plastic, dark grey, thicker, so the shoulder guns are totally different than PM Optimus'. Plus the peg for the double-barrelled guns is longer and tougher. The arms are totally different. The molding is very different. They're longer, have an elbow, and aren't as wide as PM Optimus's, plus the hands are retractable. The lever for moving the hands in and out is kind of ugly though, it's on the front, sort of a long, almost circular blob of blue plastic. It would've been better placed on the side. As for the elbows, they don't bend, mind you. It's just kind of that the bicep/tricep upper arm thing is seperated from the rest of the arm with a smaller bit that looks like it should be a mechanically functioning elbow... It's sort of hard to explain. Also, the sort of pointy lump on top of the shoulders is smaller, more towards the right, and completely circular. The inside of the arm is also not flat like on PM Prime. Not only did they change the arm to accomodate the fist, they made it look better. So if the arm is so different, how does the Godbomber gauntlet fit on PM Prime? It didn't fit exactly. The PM Prime arm was too short. Fortunately, it erred on the side of caution so it still fits inside. The Godbomber gauntlet is only held on by a peg, just like when you stick in the double-barrelled shoulder guns. Plastic: Overall plastic quality is higher, more dense, heavy. Eyes are still red like OP.



Editor's notes: Okay, so now that we have that out of the way. :-) Note that the original Ginrai, again, is packaged either seperately, or with Godbomber. The reissue is packaged as a giftset only. Note also from the review on the Prime-page that the reissue Japanese version is nearly identical to the original Japanese version, while the reissue in the American market is *also* nearly identical to the original Japanese one (excepting missles, of course). Therefore, the original, cheaper-version American one will not likely be all that sought-after. ;-) Note that Japan also got some other colored reissue-versions of this toy.

Ginrai: Packaged seperately, or in a giftset with Godbomber
Reissue Ginrai: Giftset
Reissue Ginrai 2: Black Version (Pic)
Reissue Ginrai 3: Orange Version (Pic)