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The USA version of Takara's Binaltech series; the main difference being that Alternators are plactic, while Binaltech features die-cast metal. Frankly, the plastic is better... :-) These were released concurrently with the Energon series.

| Masterpiece Prime | Smokescreen, Silverstreak and Richochet |

| Sideswipe, DeadEnd and Sunstreaker |

| Hound vs Swindle and Rollbar | Jazz and Shockwave |

| Windcharger and Dragstrip | Tracks vs Swerve | Alternators Prime | Prowl |

Masterpiece Prime

As I consider him to be the same character as the original Optimus Prime, details on his variants will be found on the Prime page, so go there. :-) The short version is that he comes with both black and grey guns in the US Hasbro packaging (initial release), then for 2006 he comes with a major blue color-change (and a matching blue gun) *and* a clear vs blue window tint variant! We love it. Go Prime.

Alternators Prime

This one, a dodge truck, fits in with the Alternators theme. We're still waiting to see how the variant Nemesis Prime (black recolor) will be released.

Smokescreen, Silverstreak, and Richochet

The first Alternator released in the USA, he sets the standard. :-) A retooled, silver version of this mold has been released as Silverstreak; which features a shorter spoiler, different rims, different front lisence plate, etc. :-) Note that several other versions of Smokescreen are available in the Binaltech section. Other than color and minimal retooling, the units are quite similar; it makes an excellent homage to the original PBS cars. :-) Now bring on Prowl!

Smokescreen vs Silverstreak | Front End | Spoilers and Guns | Rims

One note of great interests: initial-versions of Silverstreak had 'right-side' steering (similar to Binaltech). Later versions were corrected to the standard usa left-side steer:

Silverstreak, Right vs Left Steering

It is also interesting to note that a retooled-retooled version of the Subaru mold is slated to be released in the US as Richochet. (Unknown which mold this will be a recolor of...the American Streak, American Smoke, Japanese retool 04 Smoke, or the Japanese retool BTA Alert.)

Smoke, Streak, and Richochet (In-Process)

Sideswipe, Dead End, and Sunstreaker

Or lambor, if you prefer. A nice piece, but modified by most collectors to transform differently (many prefer the trunk lid become the chest, but I digress). The mold has been tinkered with, and the Decepticon Dead End made. Note the different head sculpt (note also how it looks like Sunstreaker's head.) :-) Dead End also features an actual roof, different rims, and a spoiler, when compared to Sideswipe:

Sideswipe vs Dead End | Rims and Front Air Dam | Heads | Guns

It took them almost a year later, but they did finally recolor the 'Dead End' mold into Sunstreaker. (Yellow, tres cool!)

Sunstreaker (In-Process)

Hound vs Swindle and Rollbar

Hound started off as a green Jeep, and was later retooled, recolored, and re-released as Swindle. New features include a different head sculpt, fatter tires, and a reinforced bumper. Rollbar is a recolor of Swindle

Hound vs Swindle | Heads | Rollbar

Jazz and Shockwave

Yeah, I know the packages say Meiser and Shockblast, but I don't care. :-) Here's another fun retool. Jazz has been recolored and remolded into Shockwave (purple instead of white, new head, and a cannon replacing the left hand).

Jazz vs Shockwave

Windcharger and Dragstrip

The erstwhile Windcharger has been recolored into Dragstrip (Decepticharge). New color, new rims, new spoiler, but still no driveshaft barrel (still retained in the Japanese version). Bums.

(Pics In-Process)

Tracks vs Swerve

Tracks, originally released in blue plastic, was remolded (the head) and re-released as Swerve in the Alt line. Included was the flame sticker from the blue Binaltech Tracks (Japan).

(Pics In-Process)


Nice. In-addition to a transitional package-change (red box to bubble), Prowl goes from a plain back end, to one having company logos tampo'd to the back end:

Prowl (Boxed vs Carded) | Trunk Lid, Logo vs None


| Megatron vs Galvatron | Prime vs GF Prime |

| StreetSpeed Team and More Mini-Con Battles | 6 Armada Deluxe Remolds |

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| Vector Prime, Dark Scorponok, and other Megas and Ultras |

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Megatron vs Galvatron

A straight recolor, from Megatron (purple/yellow) to Galvatron (chrome/black).

(Pics In-Process)

Prime vs GF Prime

Same premise as Megatron: Prime (red/blue) becomes 'Galaxy Force' Prime (red/black). Nice pun, considering the Cybertron line in Japan translates into Galaxy Force. :-)

(Pics In-Process)

Street Speed Team and More Mini-Con Battles

Everything Mini-con has been recolored. ;-) Mini-Cons started in the Armada line, and carried over to Energon. Some Cybertron TFs even come with Mini-Con ports (talk about beating an idea to death). The Street-Speed Team is a recolor and remold from the original cars, while the Mini-Con battles were 2-pks recolors from previous lines. The teams were paired with their opposite opponent (so to complete the Energon Sabre you had to buy 3 packs of swords, which also let you complete the Destruction team, etc).

(Pics In-Process)

6 Armada Deluxe Remolds
(Blurr, Runamuck, Longrack, Buzzsaw, Demolisher, and Prime)

Now here's an interesting set of remolds. :-) Each of these was an Armada mold, retooled to be a different character. The homages run rampant. No-longer activated by Mini-Cons, you need the current Cyber-Planet Keys to push in and activate special features.

Runamuck was a Battlecharger in G1; they took Armada Sideswipe's mold (recycled 3 times already in the Universe line as Sideswipe, Oilslick vs BlackArachnia, and Magnus vs Treadshot), put on a new head, changed the gimmick (instead of a push-button, you have to insert a key to activate his gimmick) and replaced the Mini-Con cycle with a gun. He's darn cool.

Longrack is a remold of the Armada Hoist mold. He's painted to look like the original Japanese Beast Wars giraffe, with a robot head remolded to match the animal (nice). His shovel activation gimmick was changed (again, you have to insert a planet key to make his gimmick work).

Blurr is a remold of the Armada Blurr mold (which was recolored in the Universe line as Swerve previously.) ;-) Another remolded head, and this time, the head looks quite a bit like the anime face of the G1 character. In-addition, the missles are completely redesigned, the back end of the car is completely remolded (no need for a Mini-Con to park back there anymore) and of all things, his guns were remolded; instead of snapping into his forearms, he can now hold them in his hands.

Buzzsaw is a remold of the Armada Cyclonus helicopter (which saw 2 recolors in the Armada and Energon lines before the remold). As far as I can tell, he's a homage to the Japanese Beast Wars Buzzsaw. New head, new colors, new front-end, and even new arm-launchers. They didn't leave this guy alone.

Demolisher is the only one that's still himself. The same name as the original Armada tank, but recolored (somewhat closer to the original color scheme). No Mini-Con this time around either, but like the others, a cyberkey. He's been through the recolor wringer (Armada, Energon, Universe, Cybertron, Japanese...) Let's retire this poor fellow.

Prime: There can never be too-many Primes, apparently. :-) There's already several versions of this mold in Armada (3 paint variants, and Nemesis Prime) plus the Universe Magnus recolor (white version in the Battle in a box sets) and now we see him released in Cybertron. I like the mold, and maybe not having the Mini-Con is an improvement, but geez my fingers are tired from all this recolor typing:

Blurr vs Blurr (Heads) | Blurr Weapons | Cyclonus vs Buzzsaw Copters

Hoist vs Longrack | Swipe vs Runabout (Heads) | Sideswipe vs Runabout

Demolisher (Cybertron) vs Demolisher (Armada, Energon, Universe)

Prime vs Armada Prime vs Nemesis Prime vs Universe Magnus

Cybertron Deluxe Variants

Well, it's a mess. The Cybertron line was promised to us as having less recolors than the previous line...we've actually ended up with *more*. Don't believe me? Count them. So much for trusting a Hasbro rep when they said there would be less. Anyways, Crosswise came with a slight paint variant on his spoiler; brown vs orange. Otherwise, he's the same basic car (this paint variant can be found on the early runs of crosswise).

The rest of the fellows are straight recolors. (With name changes and bios to create 'different' characters, which is pretty sneaky...keeps him from being a liar, as the previous lines had them listed as upgraded or powerlinxed versions of the same character.)

Crosswise paint variants | Hotshot vs Excillion | RedAlert vs Cannonball

Thundercracker vs Skywarp | OverRide vs OverRide GTS

Cybertron Basics Variants

And speaking of my complaint about recolors...darn near every basic in the line was recolored. Ugh.

Overhaul vs Brushguard | Clocker vs Swerve | Hardtop vs Swindle

Brakedown vs Brakedown GTS | Ransack vs Ransack GTS

Vector Prime, Dark Scorponok, and other Voyagers and Ultras

Well, at least Vector Prime can claim a legitimate variant. There were two releases of the original white version; singly, then later on as a TRU exclusive 2-pk with a recolored mega Starscream (until that point, it was a Japan-only mold...all we had was the unweildy Supreme version). The 2-pk Vector Prime had remolded tabs on the shoulderpads; reinforcement that the original release lacked. Unfortunately, Vector Prime was also recolored in gold later on in the line, and renamed Galaxy Force Vector Prime.

Dark Scorponok was another Energon escapee. Recolored from green to black. DS was also remolded in order to accept a cyber-planet key in order to activate his gimmick.

The Leobreaker mold was given the evil black recolor treatment, and is now Nemesis Breaker.

Scourge was recolored and rereleased as Cryotek (a nice homage name to the target-exclusive Cryotek, a recolored BW Megatron dragon mold.)

Vector Prime vs Vector Prime | Shoulderpads | Scorponok vs Dark Scorponok

Leo Breaker vs Nemesis Breaker | Scourge vs Cryotek


The initial version was released with a silly little Unicron head, while the later version was not. A Third version came with samples of Mini-Cons from the upcoming Classics line.

(Pics In-Process)

More on Universe

There were several TFs released in the Universe subline during Cybertron. These have been listed in the Universe section of the site.

2006 and Beyond: The New lines and Movie Toys

| TF Classics | BW 10th | The Movie Toys | TFs Animated | Power Core Combiner Crap |

Things that are either too-small or too-stupid to warrant their own page end up here. :-)

TF Classics

The ultimate homage line. Classic sculpt TFs with modern posability.

These can be found on their own page, The Classics Generations. Go there!

(See also McBotcon Recolors)

The Movie Toys

The 2006 movie that was pushed to July 2007...prepare to see everything you love about tfs watered down for the masses. I mean it. Not only did they release a *lot* of toys in one shot, they also released them concurrently in sets, *and* pushed the new animated line 6 months so they could recolor these things endlessly. My childhood is gone, destroyed by the corporate beast that is hasbro (and people woner why I don't like beasts). It's bionicle on steriods, its...well, it's ok, actually. I saw the movie a couple of times. I'm still a gee wun fan, though.

In-addition to the multiple recolors (and repackaging) of movie molds at regular mass-retail, we saw Best Buy and Target-specific recolors, and, we saw recolors of Energon and Cybertron basics at Target.

Update 2011: Three movies and thousands of toys later, the Bayformers have made Transformers 'mainstream.' Good for the shareholders...bad for completists. :-) Much like the workforce going into specialization, Transformer Collectors can no-longer 'do it all' in the fandom. There's just not enough to give.

Bayformers can now be found on their own page. Go there!

BW 10th Anniversary

Covered in the Bonus Section on the Beast Wars page. We do make mention here of two new specific molds that were recolored and released concurrently in both the BW10th line and the Cybertron line: deluxe Optimus Prime(al), and deluxe Megatron.

BW 10th Primal and Megs vs Cybertron Primal/Megs

TF Animated

Horrible 'kiddified' molds that are the current rage.It's horrible in the sense that I needed to own these. :-)


Power Core Combiners

Not to be confused with actual Combiners, this was a 'tween' line that...god, do I *really* have to document these?

(God to Fred: Yes.)
(Lewis to Fred: I think they're really cool.)
(God to Lewis: You liked the Beast Wars Mutants.)
(Lewis to God: True.)

Fine. Because apparently Generations wasn't enough (to have in-between bayformer movies), Hasblow came up with an 'original' line...small robots that combined with drones to form more powerfully powerful robots. With targetmasters! And minicons, too! Except that there was no comic, no supporting cartoon, and the molds were worse than some happy meal toys I've owned.

Wave2/5 PKCommanderPartnerRepainted To/FromPartner Repainted To/From
W12-PKHuffer* (Semi Cab)Caliburst (Cannon/Rifle)To CrankcaseTo Darkray
  *-Huffer comes with either an orange or tan hood. 
W12-PK**Searchlight (Rescue Helicopter)Backwind (Winch/Rifle)To WindburnTo Beacon
  **-Searchlight/Backwind were also packaged with the Aerialbots in a TRU Bonus Pack. 
W12-PKSmolder (Fire Department Brush Truck)Chopster (Flamethrower/Axe)To StakeoutTo Razorbeam
W15-PKBombshock (Cannon Truck)Combaticon Drones (Missile Carrier / Tank / APC / Armored CarTo SteelshotMissile Carrier to Destron Missile Carrier
     Tank to Protectobot Mobile Artilery
     APC to Protectobot APC
     Armored Car to Destron Assault Vehicle
W15-PKSkyburst*** (Stealth Jet)Aerialbots Drones (Recon Plane / Chopper / Combat Helicopter / Fighter Jet)To DarkstreamRecon Plane to Destron Spy Plane
  ***-The Aerialbots were also packaged with Searchlight/Backwind in a TRU Bonus Pack.Chopper to Protectobot Helicopter
     Combat Helicopter to Destron Attack Helicopter
     Fighter Jet to Protectobot Fighter Jet
W22-PKIcepick (Arctic Vehicle)Chainclaw (Missile Launcher) To Bomb-Burst
W22-PKLeadfoot (F1 Racer)Pinpoint (Engine-Cannon/Rifle)To Over-Run 
W22-PKSledge (Rockwheel Trencher Construction Vehicle)Throttler (Drill)  
W25-PKDouble Clutch (Sports Car)Rallybot Drones (Race Car / Tuner / Drag Racer / Street Racer) Race Car to Stunticon Drift Racer
     Tuner to Stunticon Street Racer
W25-PKMudslinger (Monster Truck)Destructicon Drones (Heavy Hauler / Dune Buggy / Armored Truck / Armored Junker)To SalvageArmored Truck to Stunticon Rocket Truck
     Armored Junker to Stunticon Junker
W32-PKWindburn (Rescue Helicopter)Darkray (Cannon/Rifle)From SearchlightFrom Caliburst
W32-PKDarkstream (Stealth Jet)Razorbeam (Cannon/Axe)From SkyburstFrom Chopster
W32-PKSteelshot (Cannon Truck)Beacon (Winch/Rifle)From BombshockFrom Backwind
W35-PKStakeout (Fire Truck)Protectobot Drones (Mobile Artillery / Helicopter / APC / Fighter Jet)From SmolderMobile Artilery from Combaticon Tank
     APC From Combaticon APC
     Helicopter From Aerialbot Chopper
     Fighter Jet From Aerialbot Fighter
W35-PKCrankcase (Semi)Destron Drones (Missile Carrier / Spy Plane / Attack Helicopter / Assault Vehicle)From HufferMissile Carrier From Combaticon Missile Carrier
     Assault Vehicle From Combaticon Armored Car
     Spy Plane From Aerialbot Recon Plane
     Attack Helicopter From Aerialbot Combat Helicopter
W42-PKHeavytread (Tank)Groundspike (Claw)  
W42-PKSkyhammer (Fighter Jet)Airlift (Gun Emplacement)  
W45-PKSteamhammer (Bulldozer)Constructicon Drones (Drill / Front End Loader / Plow / Steamroller)  
W45-PKGrimstone (Styracosaurus)Dinobot DronesSpinosaurus / Parasaurolophus / Pachycephalosaurus / Ankylosaurus)  
W52-PKUndertow (Speedboat)Waterlog (Gun Emplacement)  
W52-PKSalvage (Monster Truck)Bomb-Burst (Missile Launcher)From MudslingerFrom Chainclaw
W55-PKOver-Run**** (F1 Racer)Stunticon Drones (Drift Racer / Street Racer / Junker Drone / Rocket Truck)From LeadfootDrift Racer From Rallybot Race Car
  ****-Package originally titled Spastic, was covered with Over-Run stickers.Street Racer From Rallybot Tuner
     Rocket Truck From Destructicon Armored Truck
     Stunticon Junker From Destructicon Armored Junker