Original vs Reissue Predacons

The original release of the G1 Predacons saw a substantial amount of metal on the bodies, as well as the deeply-indented swords. (See Combiners for details.) Later versions would be in plastic, with the common convex swords.

The reissue is an interesting beast. While going back to the metal on the bodies, the molding retained the convex swords. In addition, there were a number of minor mold changes to the figures (both versions of G1 shared identical molding; the reissue, while metal, has mold changes). Copyright was altered; Japan was overlaid with China (as is the habit of all reissues).

Overall, I can't help but to feel that the plastic color on the reissues are...somehow less vibrant than the originals. Might be due to a different type of plastic being used, or the color not matching up, but whatever it is, I can eyeball it...but not capture it on a scan. ;-) Ah well. Onward!


Mr. Rhino has some interesting changes. Instead of the plastic tab that was molded one-piece through the back legs (allowing them to flip around and fold inside the body) there is now a metal pin running the inside length of the legs. Presumably to allow better transforming... In addition, there was a small change on the Predaking footplate; there is now a 3rd small plastic bar running along the front of the inside of the pad.

Originals vs Reissue | Footpad Comparisons | Metal Pin vs Plastic Tab


Nothing of note. :-)

Originals vs Reissue


The lion's 'mane' is now a hard plastic, versus the soft pliable plastic of the original versions. In-addition, the Predaking head came with a major molding-change on the antenna: where before it was molded onto the front piece of the head, now the antennae come as seperate pieces.

Originals vs Reissue | Predaking Heads Comparison


A change in the tail-section. Where it ratchets upward, instead of a metal clasp running the groove, there is now a molded plastic tab in it's place. In addition, the plastic neck tab was replaced with a metal pin.

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Nothing of note. :-) Well, one item: Janderson reports that the plastic neck tab was replaced with a metal pin (similar to Divebomb).

Originals vs Reissue


On the reissue packaging: you'll note that it was made in-homage to the Japanese giftset packaging. Minor details aside (such as the dokachin symbol being replaced by Takara textlogo, and the addititon of the 20th anniversary badge on top), it's a pretty faithful representation. Though I do note that the inner tray was made into a cheap plastic one for the reissue version (a shame, because it seems less durable). Ah well, like die cast construction, styro innards are a lost art. :-)