Jazz: G1 vs G2 vs Reissue

Rodimus Prime G1 vs Reissue

From Particle Man


Reissue Jazz is *basically* G2 Jazz in G1 colors and stickers. The reissue still has the bright bright whites of the G2 version, as well as an extra leg sticker or two (I think). The stickers are also of better quality in terms of stock used and image sharpness, but still aren't quite centered or cut right (much to my annoyance). I used a Martini, rubsign Jazz for the comparison, as well as a G2.

Vehicle | Robot | Doors

Jazz is called Meister in Japan, at least here. Can anyone tell me if that's his original Japanese name and sticker configuration as well? All his stickers say Agent Meister instead of Martini (or just blank black). The Porsche logo on the G1 is also replaced by Meister.

Vehicle Bottom

Reissue and G2 have the shorter chrome feet bottoms, the G1 has the extra spurs on either side.


The G2 and reissue have exactly the same copyright, Hasbro 1992 Made In China. My G1 has a shared copyright, and I know there are probably others.


In one of two deviations I could find from the G2 (in molding anyway), reissue Jazz has rivets for the shoulder where G1 and G2 both have screws.

G1 Face | G2 Face | Reissue Face

The most unusal remold across generations, without a doubt. G1 has a closed mouth smile (with lips no less), G2 has a big happy grin, and reissue has a bizarre, angry grimace?


The reissue gun is identical in molding to the G2 gun. (Would have compared to the G1 gun, but just found out as I was doing this that my other Jazz gun is also a G2...arrrgh!)

Launchers Left Side

Jazz's launcher now shoots! Woohoo!

Presumably due to mold wear, reisue Jazz's launcher lacks the indent circles behind the trigger. Also, the slide guide near the base has been almost completely remolded, which may explain why the G1 launcher fits just fine, but the reissue version simply won't stay in right.

Launchers Back

The chrome backing was also remolded, especially in top center where a bulb and new square shape were added, and at the center bottom where the rectangle button was replaced by the circle.

Rodimus Prime

Rodimus Prime so far has gone through the least remolding of any of the reissues-his colors darkened slightly, his copyright changed a little and that was pretty much it. Most of his parts are even compatible with the original. So without further adieu...


Reissue on the left, plastic wheeled in the center, and metal wheeled (original) on the right. The maroon and orange get darker on the reissue, but that's about it.


The face changes a little, probably with mold wear.

Robot Copyrights | Trailer Copyrights

All 3 have Hasbro and Takara 1986, but original metal is from Japan, original plastic from Taiwan, and today's model from China.


I don't have a metal spoiler, so I can't do a full comparison, but the reissue is considerably brighter and has lots of pin indents that the smooth original plastic spoiler lacks.

Guns | Blast Shields

The reissue weapons are actually a bit duller than the originals, although it shows up just the opposite. The handle of the gun is a little more rounded on the reissue, although that could be due to minor production fluctuations. The blast shields...are another matter entirely. The originals are stamped with either one slash mark or two, wheras the repro have lots of 2s on them. More could be possible, check your blast shields.

And finally-

A fun little pic to go with all the Rodimus crap from this email.

So there ya go Fred, use it all in good health.

- Particle Man

(Editor's Note: See the Autobot section for a complete review of Rodimus mold changes.)

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