USA Micromaster Released in Japan

Here you will find a number of USA based Micromasters that were recolored for the Japanese market. For example, the recolored micro-figure which came with the Zone videocassette. :-)

Note that this is the same micro-mold that was used for the American Skyhopper, and the Japanese Metrotitan. (Pic)

Other Recolored Micros

It is interesting to note that, while some Micromaster teams were released in giftset format, others were released like their USA counterparts...excepting colors, and of course in the case of the bases, completely different micro figures altogether (recolored form other teams, natch).

Skyhopper | Groundshaker | SportsCar Patrol | Battle Patrol

(Note: The second-release/recolor of Battle Patrol came in 2 versions)

(Note: For Micromaster Giftsets, see the Japanese Giftsets page.)