Reissue Hound

(A Note: With the exception of certain chromed vs unchromed parts, the Japanese Dreamewave reissue of Hound is the same as the TRU reissue of the same.)

The fit of the tight. The gastank and spare tire appear to be an entirely different molding, ie the spare tire is quite a bit smaller (as is the spare gas tank) and the gastank peg is now rounded. The metal die-cast peg on the rear is slightly longer. In-addition, the hole where the gun attaches in back is once-again larger. The molding of the weapons seems spot-on; with the exception of a slightly larger ejection pin peg mark, the molding on the weapons seems identical. One exception to this is the missles; where before we had a smooth outer ring, we now have a sprocked/ridged one (looks similar to a gear wheel).

Backend (Closeup 1) | Backend (Closeup 2)

Type 0: (Takara Circle) Small holes (Pre-TF).
Type 1: (Takara Circle) Large hole.
Type 2: (Takara Square) Large hole.
Type 3: (Hasbro/Takara) Medium hole.
Type 4: (Reissue)(Hasbro/Takara-China) Large hole.

Note that there was also a Japanese-exclusive E-Hobby release of Hound, called Detrius: