Himawari and Esteban Discuss Even More Mold Changes!

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Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 10:41:09 -0000
From: "Bond. Estebond"
Subject: Another Streak quickie

My research indicates that at least one half of the rear bumper on Anime Streak is a different mold from the G1 Bluestreak. Here's a comparison between the G1 rub, G1 pre-rub, and 2002 streak rear bumpers:

Pre-rub has four mold injection points (or 'mips' as I call them) on the bottom of the bumper, two on each half. Rub has NO visible mold injection points on either half, and '02 Streak has only one visible on the passenger side half. It's also at a different location from the pre-rub's mips. Lots of stuff happening on the front end, too.

Remember how rubstreak has #2 molded all over it? Well '02 Streak has #3 molded in those same places (excepting the fists), and even on a few new places (shoulder-swivel).

(Editor's Note: This is because much of the unit was molded from the later-release G1, which was also stamped 3. See the autobot section for details.)

02 Streak's front bumper is also different, with 3 mips where the others have two.


From: Himawari
Subject: Re: Another Streak quickie

Remember how rubstreak has #2 molded all over it? Well '02 Streak has #3 molded in those same places, and even on a few new places. There's a #3 molded on the red upper shoulder swivel. I've found no rubstreaks with the 3-stamping.

#3, eh? that is a bit suprising since I was for sure that you could get Fairlady bodys with 3 on them.

(Editor's Note: You could. :-) I'm looking at one right now.)

At least in Japan anyhow. #3's for alot of Japanese molds are common since they usually got the last of the run where most of the bugs have been worked out of the mold, like the jets for example, all 3's, Constructicons too. It would be very difficult to come across a number 2 in Japan unless you bought one loose because that gives the possibility that it came from a different country. The GS's as far as I know have always been 3, and I never come across a 2 in an individual box. Later I'll look through the window of my Japanese prowl and check his dash board. I would have thought that they would have used a backwards 3 if anything, But I guess not. Go figure.


From: Himawari
Subject: Re: Real or Fake?

(Editor's Note: Not part of the original thread, but added here because it's relevant. :-)

Oh and to go into more depth and to just clarify what I meant about the bumpers, the back bumpers were changed during the time of the blank circle copyright. (I have to mark time with something significant, so I mark it with copyright changes.) Anyhow, during the 3 line on one foot, blank circle on the other which came BEFORE the simple 3 line copyright, the back bumper became flush and is more difficult to remove. Previously the back bumper was easier to remove and had mold markings on the bottom. The front bumper has mold markings on both early and after mold versions except the first mold has two extra smaller mold markings than the later. The blank circle copyright can be found with both types of bumpers. That was the time the bumpers overlaped. In fact I have one blank circle copyright fairlady here with one flat back bumper and one earlier molded back bumper! Anything before the blank circle copyright has the molded bumpers. Anything after the blank circle copyright SHOULD have flat or flush bumpers.

Now, on to the part of the diecast. As for the "L" molded back part to help hold up the roof, the earliest that it's production started was during the blank circle copyright. However, the first diecast molding of the back part of the car can be found up to the time of the 3 line only copyright. Which can explain why I have a car with two types of back bumper molds on one car. If let's say I make something called "a" and find it's inferior or needs to be updated and I make something called "b" at a later date, and I still use the product "a" during assembly until all quantitys of "a" have been consumed, both "a" and "b" will overlap creating the mess that we have.

So basically, you could have blank circle with or without "l" die cast, or redone bumpers, and you could find 3 line copyright with or without "l" die cast, but you probably won't find any 3 line copyrighted cars with first run molded bumpers. Perhaps it was possible to recycle the pastic, or they just decided to not use everything, I haven't the foggiest. Either way, my findings haven't shown me a 3 line copyright with first run bumpers. Thanks.


Oh, and both car runs (blank circle and 3 line) have the flat or flush assembly for the screw and number 2 die casting for the front of the car if it has "l" mold at the rear for the diecast. Otherwise, it MAY be possible to find a not degraded front diecast car on a blank circle or even up to a three line copyright!!!! Talk about finding a needle in a haystack though...