Hatch's Super Best Wonderful Kabaya and Seven Transforming Model Kits

I'll start with a few notes that may aid you in this list. First, it's not quite complete, which is why I wanted this list in the first place. My hope is that you will read the list and possibly be able to add to it. If not, that's ok too. You can simply take the list for what it is: A short summary of the little known model kits and transforming toys that were (and are still) packaged with gum/candy and distributed to various grocery and convenience stores in Japan.

(Webmaster's Note: I've added links to the Kabaya models I have. I've also added links to the many knockoffs (likely they are knockoffs, some could be legit, but I doubt it) models that I have. You'll note some listed with an asterisk. Those I have knockoffs of, but I can't say for certain that official ones were made, though presumably, anything from G1 that is a knockoff was made legitimately.)

The Transformers

Mini Kits (Transforming)

Beachcomber (Buggy Mode)

Brawn/Gong (Knockoff)

Bumblebee/Bumble (Knockoff)

Cliffjumper/Cliff (Knockoff)

Frenzy (Knockoff)




Optimus Prime/Convoy (Knockoffs: Blue & Red)


Ravage/Jaguar (Knockoff)

Seaspray (Knockoffs: Orange & Pink & Red)



Windcharger/Charger (Knockoffs: Red & Yellow)

Windcharger/Charger - Chromed Lucky Draw

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Beachcomber - Colors unknown. (Knockoff)

Blaster - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Blitzwing - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Cliffjumper/Cliff - Black and red.

Frenzy - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Gears - Black and red.

Huffer - Colors unknown. (Knockoff) *

Inferno - Black, red, and white.

Laserbeak/Condor - Gray and red. (Knockoff)

Megatron - Black and gray.

Optimus Prime/Convoy - Black, gray, and red.

Optimus Prime/Convoy Lucky Draw - Chromed Lucky Draw

Powerglide - Colors unknown. (Knockoff Green & Knockoff Red) *

Ravage/Jaguar - Black and gray. (Knockoff)

Red Alert/Alert - Black, red, and white.

Reflector - Black, gray, and red.

Sideswipe/Lambor - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Soundwave - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Starscream - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Windcharger/Charger - Black and red.

Transformers 2010

Mini Kits (Transforming)

Brawl (Knockoff)


Cyclonus (Knockoff)

Galvatron (Cannon Mode) (Knockoff)

Hot Rod/Hot Rodimus (Knockoff)

Octane/Octone (Knockoff)

Rodimus Prime/Rodimus Convoy (Knockoff)

Sandstorm (Knockoff)

Springer/Sprung (Knockoff)

Steeljaw (Knockoff)

Streetwise (Knockoff)

Ultra Magnus

Wheelie (Knockoff)


Mini Kits (Non-Transforming)



Standard Kits (Transforming)

Bruticus (All 5 transform and combine.)
      Blast Off - Black, red, and white.
      Brawl - Gray and green.
      Onslaught - Gray and green.
      Swindle - Black, red, and white.
      Vortex - Gray and green.

Defensor (All 5 transform and combine.)
      Blades - Black, red, and white.
      First Aid - Black, red, and white.
      Groove - Black, red, and white.
      Hot Spot - Black, red, and white.
      Streetwise - Black, red, and white.

Galvatron - Black, gray, and red.

Metroplex/Metroflex - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Rodimus Prime - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Silverbolt - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Steeljaw - Colors unknown. (Knockoff) *

Trypticon/Dinosaurer - Black, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Ultra Magnus - Blue, red, and white.

Wildrider - Colors unknown. (Knockoff) *


Mini Kits (Transforming)

Battletrap (Knockoff)

Chromedome (Knockoff) *

Crosshairs (Knockoff) *

Cutthroat (Knockoff) *

Flywheels (Knockoff)

Hardhead (Knockoff) *

Highbrow (Knockoff) *

Lightspeed (Knockoff)

Misfire (Knockoff)

Nosecone (Knockoff)

Pointblank (Knockoff) *

Rippersnapper (Knockoff)

Slugslinger (Knockoff)

Sureshot (Knockoff)

Triggerhappy (Knockoff)

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Brainstorm with Arcana/Carna - Blue, gray, and white. (Knockoff)

Chromedome with Stylor/Chrome - Beige, black, and red.

Fortress Maximus - Blue, gray, and white. (Knockoff)

Hardhead with Duros/Ros - Beige, black, and red.

Highbrow with Gort/Gorter - Blue, gray, and white.

Mindwipe/Wipe with Vorath - Beige, black, and red.

Raiden - Blue, gray, and white. (Knockoff)
      Yukikaze - White.
      Getsuei - Blue.
      Seizan - Gray.
      Suiken - Blue.
      Kaen - White.
      Shouki - White.

Scorponok/Mega Zarak - Blue, gray, and white. (Knockoff)

Sixshot - Blue, gray, and white. (Knockoff)

Weirdwolf with Monzo - Beige, black, and red.

Super Deformed Models (Non-Transforming)

Fortress Maximus


Mini Kits (Transforming)

Darkwing/Hydra (Knockoff)

Darkwing/Hydra - Chromed Lucky Draw.

Dreadwind/Buster (Knockoffs: Red & Yellow)

Dreadwind/Buster - Chromed Lucky Draw.

Getaway/Lightfoot (Knockoff)

Hosehead/Carb (Knockoff)

Hosehead/Carb - Chromed Lucky Draw.

Joyride/Ranger (Knockoff)

Joyride/Ranger - Chromed Lucky Draw.


Powermaster Prime/Ginrai (Knockoffs: Blue & Yellow)

Quickswitch/Sixknight Yellow & Blue (Knockoff)

Siren/Go-Shooter (Knockoff)

Siren/Go-Shooter - Chromed Lucky Draw.

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Darkwing/Hydra with Throttle - Blue, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Dreadwind/Buster with Hi-Test - Blue, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Dreadwing (Combined Form)

Quickswitch/Sixknight - Blue, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Getaway/Lightfoot with Rev - Blue, gray, and red.

Powermaster Optimus Prime/God Ginrai

God Bomber - Blue, gray, and red. (Knockoff)

Piranacon/King Poseidon (All 6 transform and combine.)
      Tentakil - Aqua, gray, and pink.
      Skalor/Galph - Aqua, gray, and pink.
      Seawing/Clerken - Aqua, gray, and pink.
      Nautilator/Lobclaw - Aqua, gray, and pink.
      Overbite - Aqua, gray, and pink.
      Snaptrap/Turtlar - Aqua, gray, and pink.

Metalhawk - Blue, gray, and red.

Cloudburst - Blue, gray, and red.

Waverider - Blue, gray, and red.

Bomb-Burst - Blue, gray, and red.


Mini Kits (Transforming)


Landcross (All 6 transform and combine.)

Road Caesar (All 3 transform and combine.) Gray, Green, Red & Blue, Red, Yellow

Star Saber Gray & Yellow

Victory Leo (Knockoffs: Green / Orange / Yellow)

Mini Kits (Non-Transforming)

Landcross (Knockoffs: Purple & Red)

Liokaiser (Knockoffs: Blue / Orange / Yellow)

Monstructor/Dinoking (Knockoffs: Red & Yellow)

Road Caesar (Knockoffs: Blue & Orange)

Victory Saber (Knockoffs: Orange & Red)

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Deszaras (Knockoff)

Landcross (All 6 transform and combine.) (Knockoffs: Gray, Pink, and Yellow & Black, Green, Orange, and Yellow)
      Dash - Blue, gray, and red.
      Mach - Blue, gray, and red.
      Tacker - Blue, gray, and red.
      Tackle - Blue, gray, and red.
      Waver - Blue, gray, and red.
      Wing - Blue, gray, and red.

Liokaiser (All 6 transform and combine.) (Knockoff)
      Drillhorn - Black, red, and white.
      Guyhawk - Black and red.
      Hellbat - Black, red, and white.
      Jargua - Red and white.
      Killbison - Black and white.
      Leozack - Black and red.

Road Caesar (All 3 transform and combine.) (Knockoff)
      Blacker - Red, white, and blue.
      Braver - Red, white, and blue.
      Laster - Red, white, and blue.

Star Saber - Blue, red, and white. (Knockoff)

Victory Leo - Black, rede, and white (Knockoff)

Victory Saber - Black, rede, and white. (Knockoff)

Beast Wars

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Cheetor/Cheetas - Tan and yellow.

Dinobot - Tan and Yellow.

Megatron - Black and purple. (Knockoff)

Optimus Primal/Convoy - Black and purple. (Knockoff)

Rattrap/Rattle - Tan and Yellow.

Rhinox - Black and Purple. (Knockoff)

Terrorsaur/Terrorsaurer - Tan and yellow.

Beast Wars II

Mini Kits (Transforming)






Lio Convoy



Snarl/Tasmania Kid




Standard Kits (Transforming)

B'Boom/Apache - Gold and purple.

Tripredacas - Brown and red. (Knockoff)

Megastorm - Gold and purple.

Magnaboss - Brown and gray.

Galvatron - Gold and purple.

Lio Convoy - Gold and purple.

Beaschange Kits (Transforming)


Galvatron (Translucent)

Lio Convoy (Translucent)


Beast Wars Metals

Non-Kits (Transforming)



Optimus Primal/Convoy

Standard Kits (Non-Transforming)

Cheetor/Cheetus - Clear, gold, gray & blue, clear, and gray.

Optimus Primal/Convoy - Clear, gold, and gray & blue, clear, and gray

Rattrap/Rattle - Clear, gold, and gray & blue, clear, and gray.

Silverbolt - Clear, gold, gray & blue, clear, and gray

Beast Wars Neo

Mini Kits (Transforming)



Dead End




Standard Kits (Transforming)

Big Convoy - Colors unknown. (Knockoff)

Corahda - Colors unknown.

Magmatron - Colors unknown. (Knockoffs: Blue, Red, and Yellow & Pink, Red, and Yellow)

Saberback - Colors unknown.

Beastchange Kits (Transforming)

Big Convoy


Car Robots

Mini Kits (Non-Transforming)

Optimus Prime/Fire Convoy Blue & Red (Knockoffs: Blue / Green / Yellow)

Optimus Prime/Super Fire Convoy (Knockoffs: Blue / Green / Yellow)

Railracer/JRX (All 3 combine to form JRX.) (Knockoffs: Blue / Green / Yellow)
      Midnight Express/J-Four
      Rapid Run/J-Seven

Non-Kits (Transforming)

Rapid Run/J-Seven (Includes SFC Armor Pieces)

Prowl/Mach Alert (Includes SFC Armor Pieces)

Optimus Prime/Fire Convoy (With Armor)

Standard Kits (Non-Transforming)

Optimus Prime/Fire Convoy - Blue, gray, and transluscent red.

Optimus Prime/Super Fire Convoy - Gray, transluscent red, and yellow.

X-Brawn/Wildride - Clear, gray, and green.

Prowl/Mach Alert - Blue, clear, and gray.

Sideburn/Speedbreaker - Blue, clear, and gray.

Micron Legend

Non-Kits Mini-Cons

      Grindor/Wheelie - Black, blue, and Dark blue.
      Highwire/Arcee - Black, blue, and Dark blue.
      Sureshock/Scooter - Blue, green, and orange.

Star Saber
      Jetstorm/Mach - Blue, gray, and white.
      Runway/Jetter - Gray, red, and white.
      Sonar/Shuttler - Blue, gray, and white.


Non-Kits (Transforming)

Drones (Combines with Grand Convoy.)

      Drone 1 - Black, gray, and red fire truck.

      Drone 2 - Black, gray, and white helicopter.

      Drone 3 - Black, gray, and yellow drill tank.

      Drone 4 - Blue, gray, and white submarine.


Optimus Prime/Grand Convoy (Super Optimus Prime)

Play Kit Collection (Transforming)

Grand Convoy


Galaxy Force

Block Figures (Transforming)



Optimus Prime



2010 Series

Standard Kits (Transforming)

Jetfire (Classics)

Optimus Prime (Classics)

Optimus Prime (G1)

Prowl (Universe)

Star Saber

Ultra Magnus (Titanium)

Related Items

First up is Kukje. Kukje is the Korean equivalent of Kabaya. They're fully licensed reproductions of Kabaya kits that are best distinguished by their color differences. I'm speculating that it must be part of the license agreement but I've never seen an appropriately colored Kukje kit. Even if they utilize the *same* colors as the original Kabaya kit, the colors will be on different parts. The stickers and plastic are also sometimes of less quality.

A Korean company named "ToonTown" re-released four of the Large, first series Kabaya models in 1997. The four consist of Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Sideswipe, and Starscream and were released in two-packs as model kits. These re-releases are actually very, very close in quality and color to the originals.

Kabaya has produced Transformers mold kits in other series that are worth mentioning and will probably be added somewhere in this list when more information is available. One such toy series is the pre-Tansformers Micro Change line. Kabaya made model kits for many of the MC toys that eventually ended up in Transformers and others that weren't (list pending).

Kabaya also did a number of Brave kits with Takara, and while it's not entirely related to Transformers, there are a some that make the cut. Notably, the Transformers molds that were reused within the Brave series. So far, I've only found two-- Dag Base/Grandus (this one. I've only read about this one and can't back it up yet) and Shadow Maru/Sixshot (remolded Sixshot)-- but there are probably more.

Another set of candy model-type toys that may be of interest are theso-dubbed "gumball model kits". Again, there are four models in this set: Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Starscream, and Prowl. These were packaged in the egg-like containers you would normally find in gumball machines and came in a variety of solid colors. About the size of Micromasters, gumball kits are close in tradition with the unicolored Kabaya mini kits.

(Webmaster's Note: In the last year or so, thes kits showed up on the market in small boxes. Molding appears identical to the gumball model kits. They seem to be vintage, but the boxes are not dated (I believe).)

Gumball Model Kits

Optimus Prime: Dark Blue | Green | Light Blue | Light Pink | Pink

Prowl: Dark Blue | Green | Light Blue | Pink

Sideswipe: Dark Blue | Green | Light Blue | Pink

Starscream: Dark Blue | Green | Light Blue | Pink

Big thanks to: Grandmasterspecter, Autocon, Tony Li, tfu.info, HK_Thomas, Tony Preto, Rik Ruff, Ras, Himawari, Hydra, and Jordan Derber whose various information's and resources were invaluable in compiling this list.

That's about all I have, so far. Say, are we absolutely certain Defensor and Bruticus were released for Battlestars and not earlier? And what about Grandus? I've read one report that Kabaya released a Dag base; has anyone seen a Transformers version?

Merry Christmas!


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