Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 23:34:47 -0000
From: "grandmasterspecter"
Subject: Re: Fw: Buzzsaw tape variants

Pulled 4 versions, three buzzsaws and a laserbeak.

I think what he is seeing is a sticker cutting issue.

Both Buzzsaw prerubs of mine have the long list with a line connecting. One however has been cut at a slight angle removing part of the connecting line. My soundblaster buzzsaw has the lines right at the hole so the line is missing, but it looks like it just got cutoff.

My laserbeak has the takara date copyright and is a rubsign version. It barely shows the mini lines as they are effectively cutoff but are still just visible. His comment about the longer lines being hard to see indicates he may have one with a similar sticker cut. It just looks liek the stickers were cut inaccruately and he got one with the hole cutting off the lines.


NAME = Owen McGuire
variquest = info

variquest = Just thought I'd let you know Iv'e found somthing weird with one of my Buzzsaws. You know where the rubsign is and theres the numbers 0 and 10 with 3 large points and a heap of small points in between, one I got today is without the small points between the 3 large points. So in otherwords, one appears like the following (small points indicated by i whilst large points by I):

0    10
And the other appears like:

0    10
I  I  I
The one with the 3 points only is Takara date stamp on right wing and no Hasbro whilst the one with many points has a different Takrara stamping with also a Hasbro stamping on the left wing. Also the one with 3 points has the markings done faintly so this difference in the stickers could be due to fading or maybe they weren't printed properly in the first place. I doubt it's fading as both figures are C8+ in condition.